When Should You Consider a Military School?

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When Should You Consider a Military School?
If you are looking for a college preparatory education with a military emphasis, then take a look at military schools.
One of the best things about private schools is that there is a school or schools out there just right for your educational objectives, whatever those might be. 

What about military schools? When might you consider sending your son or daughter to a military school? Let’s settle a couple of things before we proceed: military schools are not places you send a child with discipline or other issues. They are not reform schools or schools for troubled youth. They are genuine institutions of learning with a specific focus: military training. Secondly, military service is not required when you attend a military high school. If your child decides that military service is a career path which she wants, then a military school will have given her a good start.
If the following are things you are looking for in a private school, maybe a military school is right for you. Check out the web sites. Then visit the schools and see for yourself.
Just about anything worth doing well requires lots of discipline. Discipline takes hard work, persistence, stamina and time. In an era when instant gratification seems endemic, good old-fashioned discipline lays a solid foundation for success in adult life. Discipline evolves into a pattern of self-discipline. After several years of this kind of training your child will know what she has to do to accomplish her objectives. Military schools serve up discipline as regularly as they serve breakfast.
Structure goes hand in hand with discipline. Structure and discipline sound rigorous and they are. If your child is accustomed to doing whatever she wants whenever she wants to do it, structure will take some getting used to. Think of structure as the organization which allows discipline to produce results and you are beginning to understand how military schools work. Understanding how to attain goals and results begins with developing basic skills. If you are beginning to think that there is perhaps a bit too much rigidity in all of this, just remember that discipline and structure are the framework for growth. Your child’s growth.
Military schools can give your child’s life purpose and direction.  A key component of military schools training is leadership. Leaders are fashioned one step at a time. There are many pieces to the leadership picture. Military schools are very proficient at developing leadership skills. Leadership is not only about leading a platoon into a win at war games. Leadership involves character, judgment, compassion and trust. You can begin to understand how learning how to lead can be beneficial in just about any endeavor. It’s all about managing people. Military schools teach these valuable lessons effectively and at an impressionable age.
Many military schools offer JROTC or Junior Regular Officer Training Corps. This is a Federal program sponsored by the United States Army. The Army cannot recruit high school students. So it uses the JROTC program to expose young people to the possibilities and potential of military service with the hope that some of them might choose to become part of the armed forces in later life. Needless to say, military schools are committed to the success of their graduates. If a military career is part of your child’s plan, a military school makes perfect sense.
Service to country is a high-minded concept. Military schools get to the heart of the concept with community service and other programs  which teach their students compassion and concern for the welfare of others. Service to country has kept our nation free for hundreds of years. Patriotism and love of our nation are part of the DNA of any military school. Your child will benefit from that as well.
The graduates of the 42 military schools in the U.S. matriculate to colleges and universities at home and abroad. Academic training and good results are primary objectives of military schools. Always have been. Always will be. Most military schools think of themselves as college preparatory schools. That’s how important the academics are. Strong leaders need a solid academic training too. Military schools do their very best to provide that.

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