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Updated May 26, 2016 |
Here are some answers and some resources to help you deal with those tough questions such as "What I do when my child has been expelled?"
Certain questions always seem to present themselves unexpectedly at the worst possible time. But life is like that, isn't it? The old, comfortable, predictiable play book we used to follow thirty or forty years ago has gone by the boards. Here then are some answers and some resources to help you deal with these tough questions.

My kid has been expelled?
Being notified that your child has been expelled is serious. The timing will inevitably be very awkward. You literally will have to stop whatever you are doing and deal with this crisis. For a crisis it most assuredly is. The mere fact that your child broke the kind of rules and did something which warranted his expulsion means that you need to get to the bottom of the situation. Why did he do this? Counselling will probably be required. Both for him and for you. What recourse do you have? Probably not much. The contract which you and the school signed spells out the consequences for infractions of the code of conduct which guides students' lives at school.

Finding a new school won't be easy but is doable if you hire an educational consultant to make it happen. If you do it on your own, you will spend countless hours calling and explaining your situation. It makes more sense to have a detached and professional consultant do all that for you. Efficiently and cost-effectively.

I want to find a teaching job?
If you want to teach in a private school, you need to start the process early. That means begiining your job search process in the fall before you want to be teaching in a private school. All aspects of finding a job in a private school are covered here.

I want to get my child into a good preschool?
A lot depends on the market where you live. Some major metropolitan areas and college towns have demand for preschool places which far outstrips the supply. Start the process early. Explore all your options. Understand the several approaches to early education. Then choose a school which meets your requirements.

I need financial aid?
There is absolutely no stigma attached to applying for financial aid in a private school. Don't believe what you see in those TV shows like Prep and Gossip Girl. If your circumstances dictate your requiring financial aid so that your child can attend private school, ask. Don't hesitate to explore all your options too. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the answers.

I can't determine which school is the right one?
Choosing the right school for your child is a process. A series of steps if you will. A process of elimination as you delete schools from your list one at a time until you are left with the two or three which closely match your requirements. Perhaps the fit won't be perfect, but get as close to what you want as you can.

My child is wait listed?
It is not the end of the world. A place could open up. On the other hand it might not. If you have an acceptance in hand, go with it. And don't look back.

My child is rejected?
Again, it is not the end of the world to be rejected. It simply means that the school didn't think the fit was right. Remember: you are judging schools from your perspective. They are doing the same on their end. When you reach an agreement that the fit is right, voila! It simply will not happen with every school for a great many reasons. Some of those reasons include a very competitive application pool for a particular school. Put another way, far more students are apply than the school has places to offer.

I can't visit the school?
If you live at a great distance from the school, e.g., overseas, then you probably will need to avail yourself of two options: meeting with school admissions staff when they visit your area. Those visits usually take place in the late fall. Or use Skype or some other video telephony to meet with the admissions staff and ask your questions.

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