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Private School Jobs:

Montessori Toddler Teacher
Live Oak Montessori School - Sanford - FL
Posted on Mon., November 25, 2013
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: TBD
Education requirements: Montessori certified
Starting date: Mon., November 25, 2013
Contact: Mariya; 321-926-3557; colley624@hotmail.com

New Montessori school is looking for qualified Teachers, Montessori experience and education are vital. We have great team in place and looking to add more teachers that are: educated, loving, caring, responsible, able to organized activities for the children in a timely manner, able to interact efficiently with children and their parents and co-teachers. Can handle stress with a smile and be able to see the future potential in every child.

Montessori Guides
Sun Grove Montessori School - Fort Pierce - FL
Posted on Sat., February 25, 2012
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: Varies depending on level, certification and experience
Education requirements: Bachelor and Montessori Certification at required age level
Starting date: Mon., June 04, 2012
Contact: Terri Zuidema; 7724645436; tzuidema.sgms@gmail.com

We are always interested in hearing from Montessori trained guides who are interested in employment.

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