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8th Grade Lead Teacher
The Center School - Greenfield - MA
Posted on Mon., February 03, 2014
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: *
Education requirements: BA
Starting date: Fri., August 01, 2014

The 8th Grade lead teacher provides instruction and support to eighth grade students in our Uppers program- an integrated, innovative, progressive Middle School program for 6-8th grades. Social justice and helping students to understand themselves and their role in community and the world is integrated into curriculum. The candidate would be responsible for Literature, Social Studies, Projects Class, Writing (including essays, short stories, and plays), and Study Hall. Some of these classes would be for 8th graders only, while others would integrate 6-8th graders. This teacher would also run morning and afternoon homeroom, some lunch periods, some outdoor education classes, coach soccer, and co-plan a series of field trips and overnight trips with Uppers colleagues. Other responsibilities include supervising, inspiring, guiding and motivating a diverse group of students within the classroom and beyond; developing lesson plans and delivering group and individual student instruction within established curriculum guidelines, as well as developing new curricula; and collaborating with students, teachers, parents, other professional staff, and administrators. Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree, and have at least 3-5 years teaching experience at the middle school level. The successful candidate will have demonstrated the energy to thrive within a work environment that is vibrant, demanding, flexible, and dynamic. S/he must possess a deep and genuine appreciation of, and special talent with, adolescents, a sense of humor, and the ability to work exceptionally well and hard as part of a team. A higher degree in education, or another applicable area, is desirable. This position begins in August 2014. Interested candidates should send a resume, cover letter and contact information for three references to: Ms. Isabel “Charlie” Spencer, Head of School The Center School 71 Montague City Road Greenfield MA 01301

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