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Private School Jobs:

office administrator
Milford Mill Church Child Development Center - Pikesville - MD
Posted on Tue., August 05, 2014
Estimated salary: $10.00 per hour for 20 hours per week
Education requirements: high school diploma, computer skills,
Starting date: Mon., August 25, 2014
Contact: Barbara Kays; 410-486-5548;

simple office tasks include: greeting parents at the outside door, dismissing children at 11:30am, ability to take accurate phone messages, minimal filing, editing monthly newsletter including photos taken of school activities, acting as an aide in preschool classrooms when needed, helping keep a calm, inviting atmosphere in the office, assist with children who have become ill at school and are waiting for parents to arrive, and "other duties which may occur in a preschool setting."

Gates of Discovery - Olney - MD
Posted on Sun., August 03, 2014
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: commensurate with experience
Education requirements: teacher credential or experience preferred
Starting date: Mon., August 25, 2014
Contact: Beth Adler; 301-593-3410;

Early Childhood Center in Olney, MD is currently seeking a full time Lead Preschool Teacher for summer or fall 2014 start. Experience and coursework in early childhood education REQUIRED. Teacher will be responsible for helping to plan and implement a child-centered, Reggio-inspired, nature-focused program. The ideal applicant will have: * A strong love of children and a belief that they are competent learners; * Strong self-motivation and organizational skills; * Excellent communication skills with adults and children; * A desire to continue to learn and grow as a professional and work to apply that new knowledge to the classroom environment; * An ability to collaborate in a professional environment and design creative research opportunities; * Strong attention to detail and be highly organized; * A positive attitude, team orientation, and a willingness to assist where/when needed; *Judaic knowledge a plus; * Professional presentation; and * Strong time management skills. Candidates must be able to demonstrate MSDE-accepted teaching credentials.

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