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Private School Jobs:

English Teacher
Al-Amal School - Minneapolis - MN
Posted on Thu., July 16, 2015
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: Depends on degree, experience, and license
Education requirements: BA preferably Master's in English from the US; licensed; teaching experience
Starting date: Mon., August 17, 2015
Contact: Audrey Williams, Principal; 1-763-571-8886; careers@al-amal.org

Teaching English for grades 6 - 10th. Apply with cover letter, resume, and references.

Music Teacher
St Scholastica HSC Academy - Cambridge - MN
Posted on Sun., February 15, 2015
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: Volunteer Postion
Education requirements: Teacher should know and love music and be able to teach. No degree is necessary.
Starting date: Mon., August 31, 2015
Contact: Mary Koralewski; 763-689-4648; m.koralewski@stscholasticahsc.com

We are looking for a music theory/appreciation teacher to teach 1st - 8th grade once a week. Classes would be divided into levels, consistent with our school philosophy. The number of levels is dependent on enrollment. Music teacher would ideally teach all levels on the same day. Position is a volunteer position or in exchange for a reduction in tuition. Please contact Mary Koralewski with any questions.

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