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Notes for Prospective Students

  • Covenant Christian Academy offers a Christian and Classical education that builds students' academic, spiritual, and social foundations for lives marked by leadership and service in today's global community.
A Covenant education prepares students to excel in collegiate studies and intellectual pursuits, nurtures Christian faith and character, and fosters individual gifts and abilities.
  • Distinctly Christian Education - A Covenant education is built upon the conviction that truth exists in the universe and the goal of education is to enable students to apprehend it.
  • Truth, by its very definition, corresponds to reality; if something is true it reflects the way things really are.
    Because God is the creator of all things, he is therefore also the source of all truth.
    From the moment Covenant's students begin school they are taught to understand the truth about the visible world using their minds through a process of disciplined reason.
    However, Covenant also teaches truth that is not merely visible in creation but is apprehended by disciplined reason informed by Christian faith.
    This combination of faith and reason is powerful and has far reaching implications.
    One significant implication is to provide the foundation of our students' understanding of ethics — what is right and true, and even aesthetics — that which is lovely and beautiful.
    The focus of our daily work is aimed at helping our students understand truth with their minds, love truth with their hearts, and practice truth in their lives.
  • Distinctly Classical Education - Covenant's classical education is built upon the model originated in ancient Greece where children progressed through three different schools.
  • In the Grammar School (early childhood through upper elementary) children learn the foundational elements or "grammar" of each academic discipline.
  • We are accustomed to talking about grammar in the study of the English language, but all subjects have a grammar of their own.
    The grammar of math includes the concepts of number, place value, basic computation, etc., while the grammar of art includes line, color, shape, and form.
    Covenant's students are challenged to master the grammar of every subject as preparation to progress through and integrate increasingly complex material.
  • In the Logic Stage (upper elementary through middle school) students learn to manipulate and order the truth they received in grammar school according to principles governed by sound reason. The content of the grammar school is the material of logic where students analyze and learn to make connections between fields of truth.
  • Logical thinking is required in all disciplines to successfully solve complex mathematical equations, to write clear essays, and to hypothesize an outcome in science.
  • The Rhetorical Stage (late middle through high school and beyond) is the destination of the previous stages of learning. Rhetoric is commonly defined as the art of persuasive speech.
  • In ancient times the most excellent students aspired to be great rhetoricians, able to enter the intellectual arenas of the day and persuade rulers and commoners alike in matters of truth, justice, and wisdom.
    But here, again, the language arts are not the sole possessors of the art of persuasion.
    The musician trained in grammar and logic combines notes in a way that is pleasant, but those with rhetorical skill move the hearer's heart to a response. It is only through the disciplined work of grammar and logic in math, science, and art, that students receive the knowledge and skills to grasp hold of the calculus, glimpse the intricacies and magnitude of creation, and understand the genius of the masters.
    It is here, the heights of understanding in every discipline, toward which a Covenant education strives.
  • Covenant Christian Academy's distinctive mission is to build broad and deep foundations for our students' lives.
  • The foundations are three-fold:
  • Academic foundations: Preparing students to excel in collegiate studies and intellectual pursuits.
  • A Covenant education is preparatory for future studies.
    High academic standards combine with a rigorous curriculum and individualized attention to enable students to excel.
  • Spiritual foundations: Nurturing Christian faith and character. Christian faith is nurtured by academic instruction that includes the dimension of faith, intentional instruction at all grade levels in the content of Christian faith, and both modeling and encouragement in the daily practice of faith.
  • Social foundations: Fostering the gifts and abilities of each individual.
  • Covenant places high value on an atmosphere marked by respect for individuals and all who are in authority, one that engenders healthy friendship among students, and between students and faculty.
    An ever expanding number of co-curricular activities in athletics and the arts get students involved in the school community, add fun, and provide opportunities to discover new gifts and talents.
  • At the heart of the students' experience at Covenant is the unique relationship they enjoy with the members of our faculty and staff.
  • Our faculty and staff work at Covenant for the chance to share their minds, hearts, and lives with the students.
    The power of these teacher/students relationships makes a Covenant education more than valuable — it is potentially life-changing and life shaping.
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