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Top Private School Jobs (2018-19)

Quran, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Teacher
Islamic School Of Rhode Island - West Warwick - RI
Posted on Wed., January 23, 2019
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: It depends on qualifications and experience.
Education requirements: Bachelor's Degree
Expiration date: Fri., June 21, 2019
Contact: Abdelnasser Hussein; (401)821-8700; PRINCIPAL@ISRIONLINE.ORG

- Delivering instruction in the subject matter - Communicating with parents effectively?? - Developing activities and resources, strategies and methods for a variety of teaching, and creating lesson plans, -?Organizing plans for field trips -?Supervising students during emergency drills, assemblies, recreation periods, lunch periods, and recess -?Evaluating performance, behavior, and progress of students in grades, progress reports and assessing comprehension of learning objectives -?Contributing to the professional growth of self and colleagues - Working collaboratively to achieve the overall purposes of the school program - Maintaining a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning

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