When Should You Consider a Military School?

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When Should You Consider a Military School?
If you are looking for a college preparatory education with a military emphasis, then take a look at military schools.
One of the best things about private schools is that there is a school or schools out there just right for your educational objectives, whatever those might be. 

What about military schools? When might you consider sending your son or daughter to a military school? Let’s settle a couple of things before we proceed: military schools are not places you send a child with discipline or other issues. They are not reform schools or schools for troubled youth. They are genuine institutions of learning with a specific focus: military training. Secondly, military service is not required when you attend a military high school. If your child decides that military service is a career path which she wants, then a military school will have given her a good start.
If the following are things you are looking for in a private school, maybe a military school is right for you. Check out the web sites. Then visit the schools and see for yourself.
Just about anything worth doing well requires lots of discipline. Discipline takes hard work, persistence, stamina and time. In an era when instant gratification seems endemic, good old-fashioned discipline lays a solid foundation for success in adult life. Discipline evolves into a pattern of self-discipline. After several years of this kind of training your child will know what she has to do to accomplish her objectives. Military schools serve up discipline as regularly as they serve breakfast.
Structure goes hand in hand with discipline. Structure and discipline sound rigorous and they...
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Why Tuition Insurance is Necessary
You insure your property and valuables. Here's why tuition insurance is necessary when you attend private school.
Many parents think that tuition insurance is a waste of money or that they really don’t need it. Here’s why they do. When you sign the contract with the school, you are responsible for the annual tuition, room and board charges for the academic year. The school will have operating expenses which it must honor regardless of whether your child completes the full year or has to withdraw after the second month.

To protect themselves most schools offer you two options: you can pay the entire year’s tuition, room and board in one payment by July 15; if you opt to pay in two installments or in monthly payments, then you will be required to purchase tuition insurance.

What does tuition insurance cost? Typically you will pay .009% to 1% of the face value of the education charges. As noted above tuition insurance is mandatory unless you pay in one payment up front.

Tuition insurance affords protection and peace of mind for parents and the school. Specifically you would need tuition insurance in the event that your child is forced to withdraw from the school. There are several reasons why that might be necessary.

An illness or injury
The last thing any of us parents want is for something to happen to our darlings. All of us in our quiet reflective times breath a sigh of relief that we have gotten thus far without serious accident or injury to our children. But the reality is that the unexpected can and does happen. God forbid...
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Single Sex Education at a Glance
Think of single sex education as another option as you consider which school is the right one for your child.
When you think of single sex education as a choice or an option, the subject becomes a little easier to understand in the 21st century. Private schools have offered single sex education for decades. Indeed many of our older schools were founded with the purpose of educating boys or girls separately.

Characteristics of Single Sex Schools
What grades do they offer? Typically single sex schools are high schools offering grades 9 through 12/PG. There are a handful of single sex schools which offer the middle school grades 6 through 9. Even fewer schools offer PK-12. You will also notice that middle school grades go up to grade 9 and high school begins with grade 9 as well. Actually grade 10 is probably the most common entry point for private high schools. That’s one reason for the overlap.

Single sex schools come in both boarding and day versions. There are single sex religious schools, military schools and so on.

The Advantage of Single Sex Education
The proponents and opponents of single sex education have firmly-held views. I think it is fair to say that the actual research into the advantages and disadvantages of single sex education is pretty meagre. I list the primary sources for you to read in depth. That’s why I concluded long ago that single sex education needs to be thought of as a choice. It is not better than coeducation in my opinion. Nor is it worse. It is simply an option for us parents to keep in mind as we...
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Ever Wonder....?
Have you ever wondered why some private schools are so competitive? Some answers to that and other questions.
Have you ever wondered...

Why a private school doesn't have to tell you why it refused your child admission?
Private schools do not have to accept applicants who do not meet their specific admissions criteria. Each private school has its own unique admissions criteria. Each school reviews its own applicant pool. Each school makes its own decisions completely independent of what any other school may decide. There is no appeal process once that decision is made. Neither does the school have to tell you why it made the decision it did. One way of 'reading the tea leaves' as it were is to hire an educational consultant. Her long experience with and knowledge of schools and their admissions process will generally be most helpful.

What happens if your kid gets caught breaking the rules?
This question is important. Unlike public schools where there is due process and something called student rights, private schools are governed by contract law. You and the school signed a contract covering the various terms and conditions of your child's stay at the school. While it may seem like a lot of fine print and legal language, it is there for a purpose: to protect the school. Read your contract carefully and understand that the school may discipline your child for breaking school rules. Depending on how serious the infraction is, the punishment could include expulsion. 
Most private schools have a student handbook which explains all the rules and their infractions in great detail. The handbook is covered and explained...
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Your Options for Daycare and Preschools: Part 1
Here are some talking points as you begin to think about daycare and preschool options.
"According to the 1995 U.S. Census Bureau Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), over thirty-six percent of families of preschoolers with working mothers primarily relied on child care in the home of a relative, family day care provider or other non relative. Almost twenty-six percent of families used organized child care facilities as their primary arrangement."   Preschool: preparation for learning or more daycare

Daycare: A Widely Available Option
Decades ago when you had a child, mother stayed home and looked after the baby. Father went to work. In the 21st century that model seems so quaint. Also not viable. Most families need two or more incomes just to stay afloat these days. That's where daycare comes in.
How does daycare work?
Daycares take infants from the age of six weeks. Typically they are open from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. Some facilities open earlier and close later.
How much does daycare cost?
The cost of daycare varies according to the area in which you live. Major metropolitan areas are going to be more expensive. Daycare in a rural setting will usually be much less expensive. Tuition ranges from $250 to $400 per week for infants. Somewhat less for toddlers. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are usually provided.
Who regulates and licenses daycares?
Daycares are licensed and regulated by state and local government. The licensing requirements vary widely. So do the regulations governing daycares. You will need to do your own due diligence very carefully before you make arrangements to leave your precious infant with any...
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