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Private School Jobs:

Poetry Community Christian School - Terrell - TX
Posted on Thu., July 16, 2015
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: $20k~
Education requirements: Experience as a lead teacher
Contact: Dr. Horan; 972-563-7227; info@poetrychristian.org

Faculty positions become available at PCCS from time to time. Faculty interested in applying should e-mail a resume and brief testimony to: info@poetrychristian.org. (No listings or open positions are provided on this website)

Secondary Teachers
First Christian Academy - Pearland - TX
Posted on Wed., April 08, 2015
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: $30,000
Education requirements: Min. of AAS/ striving for a BA
Starting date: Mon., August 03, 2015
Contact: Diane Duvall; 281-412-5182; dduvall@1stchristianacademy.net

Seeking to hire Secondary Teacher and Aids... grades 4-12th. We use a mixed curriculum of ACE as well as others to meet the students needs for creativity and teacher directed education. We are looking for teachers that are Christians, have a quiet spirit- yet are able to have a controlled classroom. ACE required structure and a person that believes in teaching student personal responsibility for actions. The ACE Curriculum provides teaching, one on one . That being said, the teacher must be creative, a motivator, and love... a classroom that is structured and organized.