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Building Maintenance Staff
Akiva School - Nashville - TN
Posted on Fri., May 20, 2016
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: 25,000
Education requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

The Akiva Building Maintenance position reports to the head of school. He/she is responsible for maintaining the physical integrity of property and must strive to maintain a safe living environment for students, employees, and visitors. Qualified applicants must demonstrate a basic understanding and knowledge of general maintenance, carpentry, painting, refurbishing, plumbing, electricity, appliances and HVAC. Specific tasks: Repair and Replacement: • Repair and replacement of minor plumbing issues • Repairing items (water fountains, locks, desks, etc.) • Repair and replacement of lighting facilities-wide • Replacing ceiling tiles and light bulbs, as needed • Repair and painting of drywall as needed • Repair of minor electrical issues Specific tasks: Maintaining Building Appearance/Cleanliness • Quick clean ups when something falls, etc. • Cleaning and resolving student accidents • Ordering maintenance supplies • Painting classrooms and outdoors (playground) • Cleaning rugs/removing stains • Power washing • Event set up and take down • Removing broken glass/items to clean up (sweep/mop) • Moving furniture, chairs, boxes, other items • Hanging pictures/items Specific tasks: Communications and Paperwork • Communicating with vendors who provide services which demand more expertise • Completion and closeout or work orders • Tracks all inspections (scheduling, processing, and documenting) • Schedules inspections and works with inspectors • Works well with teachers and other staff to meet their needs • Completes forms and requests as per Akiva procedures • Schedules vacation/leave time in compliance with Akiva policies and procedures Job Expectations • Reports to work on time as scheduled by supervisor • Able to exert 100 pounds and lift 50 pounds consistently • Basic mechanical, electrical, and carpentry skills • Basic skills for using hand and power tools • Basic computer skills for research and communications • Ability to make good judgment decisions • Ability to work indoors or outdoors, regardless of season • Will maintain a clean and professional appearance. • Willing to work overtime, if needed Job Qualifications • Required High School diploma or equivalent • Valid Driver’s license – no driving violations • Passes background check • Minimum of three years’ experience in maintenance or related position.