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As a "nurturing" Christian school, Christian Life Academy seeks to admit students of parents who will support the school`s Mission and educational philosophy. CLA assists parents in fulfilling this Godgiven responsibility to train and educate their children. The faculty challenge each student to achieve his or her greatest potential.   1. A parent or parents must subscribe to the Statement of Faith, one or both parents must be bornagain Christians, and students and their parents must be in regular fellowship with a body of believers.   2. Students must be capable of academic success at CLA as indicated by school records and standardized test results. Admission to CLA requires the student to have maintained at least a "C" average during the most recent school year and have received acceptable test scores on a standardized achievement test. The board reviews all exceptions to the admission standards.   3. Students must have a discipline record that indicates they will make a successful adjustment at CLA.   4. Students entering grades 7-12 must desire to attend CLA, and should demonstrate a clear interest in pursuing their relationship with God.   5. Children applying for admission to kindergarten must be five (5) years of age before September 1. Any child applying for first Grade must be six (6) years of age before September 1.   Christian Life Academy admits students of any race, ethnic or national origin to all its programs.  


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