Running Your Private School

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Running Your Private School
This article aggregates all the articles I have written about running a small private school. Use it as a handbook and a reminder of things you should look at from time to time.

A small private school typically has a small staff that handles financial, marketing, and other essential administrative tasks. In larger schools, departments with several staff members handle these tasks. In a small private schools, the administrative team wears many hats and handles all the administrative tasks. This article aggregates all the articles I have written about running a small private school. Use it as a handbook and a reminder of things you should look at from time to time.

Back Office

5 Changes In The Tax Act Of 2017 To Review

We identify changes in The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which impact not-for-profit private schools. Work with your tax professional and accountant to ensure that you comply the Act's requirements.

This video discusses the impact of the Tax Act of 2017 on non-profit organizations.

Running Your School: Managing Enrollment

Not filling all the seats is a challenge for many schools. Jason How offers some answers to common enrollment questions. Be aware of population and demographic trends in your market area. Offer the curricula and high standard of teaching which parents demand.

Understanding Enrollment Agreements

Attorney Sara Goldsmith Schwartz answers my questions and provides some general guidance regarding best practices for enrollment agreements. Consult with your attorney to write an enrollment agreement that serves your school's interests.

Are Employees Stealing From You?

Part of a trustee's job is to ensure that your school has sound business practices. Employee fraud occurs all the time. Here's

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All About Elementary Schools
Are you thinking about sending your child to a private preschool or elementary school? Use this hub to find out more about your options.

As a parent who has faced the challenge of finding the right preschool and elementary schools for his children, I can tell you first-hand that it's a process. Each of my articles below addresses a part of the process. Hindsight tells me that the secret to success is allowing yourself plenty of time to look for schools. The more research you do, the more questions you ask, the sooner you will find a school, or perhaps a couple of schools that will suit your needs and requirements.


Admissions to Primary and Preschool: A-Z

For many reasons, it can be more challenging to get your child into a preschool or kindergarten than into a prep school. Here's an overview of the process. Use it as a starting point for your school search.


The Scramble for Places in Primary Schools

It is almost as tricky getting your child into a good Manhattan or Bay area primary school as it is getting them into an Ivy League university. The same is

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Contract Cheating
Contract cheating is more common than most of us realize. Finding somebody online to write essays or term papers is fairly easy to do. The way we parents counter immoral behavior like this is to discuss it frequently with our children.

The college admissions scandal of 2019 proved that cheating is endemic throughout the secondary and tertiary levels of education. Nor is cheating restricted to college admissions tests and applications. We find examples of it in the classroom, on term papers, projects, and more. I will omit a discussion of cheating in elementary school in this essay and cover it in another article. 


In 2011, when I read about students paying another person to take their SATs, I was appalled. What were they thinking? And how did they pull it off? Looking back on my high school and university years, I realize now that it was tough to cheat in the 50s and 60s. That was because all of the examinations that I took required us to write out our answers in pen. We didn't have multiple choice exams. No punch cards. I did occasionally hear of students who wrote out formulas on the palms or who looked over at a neighbor's answer book. But that was about it. Fast forward to the age of smartphones, and cheating has gone digital.

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How To Identify Schools
Identifying or evaluating private schools is the second part of the private school search process. This hub aggregates more than twenty-five articles that deal with this topic with the hope that they will help you search for the right private school for your child.

I know what you're thinking. "I have already chosen a couple of private schools to look at. So, why do I need to identify schools? What's that all about?" Identifying or evaluating schools is the next step in your school search process. In the first step, you surfed the Web looking at all kinds of schools. Depending on where you live, you had a handful of schools to possibly a hundred or more schools available. The first step involved your scanning school. The second step involves a detailed examination of three to five schools to determine which might best meet your needs and requirements.


A Guide To Schools Within 10 Miles Of Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to some of the oldest K-12 schools in the nation. Our website lists eighty-four K-12 private schools within twenty-five miles from the Center City. You literally can find just about any kind of school you are looking for. Read more...


This video offers us a look at Cristo Rey High School.

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Choosing A Private School
Choosing a private school is a process with many parts to it. It also takes 18-24 months to complete. This collection of articles deals with the first part of the process in which you begin to look at private schools and what they offer.

So, you are thinking about sending your child to private school. You know what you want your ideal school to do for your child's education and her development. The next item on your school selection punch list is figuring out which of the dozens of schools out there is the best one for your child and you. I wrote the following twenty-six articles with you in mind. We sent our two daughters to private school from their pre-school years through high school. I remember how little I knew about private schools. Back then I didn't know what to look for. I trusted the head of school and her teachers and expected them to give my daughters a solid academic education. That's how innocent I was! Of course, there's much more to finding a school. The following articles draw on my experience as a parent and a private school teacher and administrator.


5 Factors for a Successful Private School Experience

By a successful private school experience, I mean one where your child is happy. As you consider sending your child to private school, think about these five factors which make for a successful private school experience. Read more...

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This article aggregates all the articles I have written about running a small private school. Use it as a handbook and a reminder of things you should look at from time to time.
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