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Families can review the admissions process on our website. The application may be completed entirely online through the admissions portal. Hargrave is not a reform school, behavioral modication program, or a one year fix. As such, all applicants who do not meet the following minimum criteria are discouraged from applying to the academy: 1. The applicant must be enrolled in good standing at a school, and may not have been dismissed, expelled, or requested to be withdrawn for disciplinary reasons. 2. The applicant must not have been placed in an alternative school setting or determined to be ineligible to return to his previous school for disciplinary reasons. 3. The applicant must not have a history of significant disciplinary issues, or pending legal charges. 4. The applicant may not be sentenced to community service, on probation, or directed to attend by a court order. 5. The applicant may not have a history of drug or alcohol use or issues. While experimental ("I`ve tried it") use will not necessarily disqualify an applicant, Hargrave will mandate an initial drug screen if enrolled, and maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding drug and alcohol use by our cadets. 6. The applicant must demonstrate the character and moral fitness necessary for success at an all boys, military boarding school. 7. The applicant must be willing to attend. 

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