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Acceptance of eighth through twelfth graders. Students are welcome to enroll anytime. Students are accepted for who they are. Enrollment is based on the agreement by the student and parents that Kradwell School will provide successful academic outcomes. Teachers focus on student strengths in a collaborative student/teacher relationship. The Student/ Teacher Ratio is 56:1. Each teacher develops a program of instruction specific to each student's learning and behavioral characteristics. Instructional Materials Instructional materials are tailored to the student. Example: Texts and supporting materials are acquired from multiple publishers allowing the teacher flexibility in matching the teaching materials to the student. Communication notes regarding grades and attendance are updated weekly throught PowerSchool Teachers can be contacted directly via telephone or email. Curriculum Kradwell School offers core middle and high school courses as well as foreign languages. Our goal is to ensure that all graduates are college ready. Evaluation All Kradwell students are encouraged to take the ACT College Entrance Test. The results of this curriculum-based assessment are used both to identify specific student academic needs and plan curriculum. The Kradwell student five-year ACT average score is 23.21. The national average is 21 and Wisconsin's is 22.2. Summer School Kradwell offers the entire curriculum during summer school. Students can make up any subject or earn additional credits. Many students choose to take courses at Kradwell that pose a challenge for them in the traditional school environment.

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