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Notes for Prospective Students

It is MYSA School's goal to admit students and families who support the school's mission and philosophy in providing revolutionary educational opportunities for 21st century students through mastery-based learning. MYSA School admits children and families who demonstrate kindness, sympathy, and a desire to treat themselves and their fellow community members with respect. We accept children and families who have a mindset to work with MYSA School to solve problems and tackle challenges. We look for students who are curious, engaged, interested in taking greater responsibility for their lives, and capable of successfully completing a challenging, relevant academic curriculum. Students will be successful at MYSA School if they are able to work independently as well as collaborate in groups.  During the application process, we ask applicants to submit information from a variety of sources: teachers, parents, and independent testers, as well as written statements from applicants. We carefully consider a student's previous academic performance, as well as how his/her individual talents, passions, and strengths might contribute to our school community. We want to ensure we find the best fit for each student so our process is thoughtfully intentional, just like MYSA School. 

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