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Notes for Prospective Students

NALA is a sponsor/donor-based school, meaning many of our students are sponsored by donors to attend the school at a discounted rate; because of this, our spots are limited and we want to make sure that we screen the children prior to enrollment.  Below are the following steps to assure your child is going through the proper steps towards enrollment.  NALA is not staffed to accept students with severe mental, physical, social, or scholastic challenges. WHO SHOULD APPLY  NALA provides an environment of positive Christian living and a strong educational program for students that are primarily from the Black Belt Region.  However, anyone who shares the philosophy of NALA and who chooses to live according to the same principles is welcome to apply.  To be considered for enrollment, a child must meet the following five criteria: Have home support A child`s success while at NALA often is reliant on the support received from home.  When the school, students, and parents/sponsors work together, NALA is able to fulfill our divine commission and vision.  Parents should exhibit the following core values: - Positive Spirit: Smile, parents; smile. Look upon matters in a cheerful light, seeking to lift the shadows that, if cherished, will envelop the soul.  Cultivate sympathy for others.  Let cheerfulness, kindness, and love pervade the home.  - Integrity: Parents should be studying the Word of God for themselves and for their families. Both parents and teachers, by precept and example, are so to instill the principles of truth and honesty into the minds and hearts of the young that they will become men and women who are true as steel to God and His cause.  - Commitment to the Mission: True education schools are the Lord`s special instrumentality to fit the children and youth for missionary work.  Parents should understand their responsibility and help their children to appreciate the great privileges and blessings that God has provided for them in educational advantages. - Mutual Respect: Day by day the law of love and kindness must be upon [the parents`] lips.  Their lives must reveal the grace and truth that was seen in the life of Christ. Parents should require their children to respect and obey rightful authority. Have the ability and willingness to learn To be eligible for admission, children must have demonstrated capacity to learn within the parameters of NALA programs, with or without reasonable accommodations.  NALA considers an applicants` interest and motivation, personal character, special talent or skills, and leadership abilities (such as resilience, teamwork, persistence). Be free of behavior problems that are likely to disrupt life in the classroom or student home life at NALA NALA has a unique environment, including group home living with other students, houseparents, and sometimes their children.  There are strong expectations for conduct, behavior, and responsibilities in the students homes and oncampus, as well as in the classroom.  Applicants are assessed individually for a wide range of behaviors, with consideration given to the severity, when it occurred, interventions, and other factors. Be able to participate and benefit from the school`s programs As a true education school, it is important for students to be able to participate and benefit from the many programs and classes offered.  This may include classes such as agriculture, carpentry and shop class, culinary arts, vehicle maintenance, vocational education and training, and medical missionary training), activities, and NAPS or school trips. This may also mean that students may travel outside of the state of Alabama.

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