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Apply online at: NCS New Student Application Create an Account through our online application process and submit a new student application. Below is a checklist of the required items needed to complete the online application. A $30 non-refundable application fee will be collected upon submission of the online forms. REQUIRED Birth Certificate - all applicants Most recent report card or transcript - 1st-12th grade applicants Two full years for 2nd-12th applicants Principal & Teacher Referrals - Provide the name and email of the person completing the referral, as it will need to be entered on the application. Our system sends out electronic referral forms when you submit the application.    Teacher Referral -(1st-12th)   Principal Referral (4th-12th) Homeschool Referrals (if applicable)Referral names and emails need to be entered on the application. These references should be non-family members. Most recent standardized academic achievement test - 3rd-12th applicants Student Questionnaire - 7th-12th applicants Preschool Information Sheet - preschool-pre-kindergarten applicants IF APPLICABLE IEP documentation, current and past - all applicants 504 documentation, current and past - all applicants Applications will not be processed unless all required information has been submitted.

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