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Notes for Prospective Students

The Forbush School at Glyndon does not discriminate in its admission policies on the basis of race, color religion or ethnic origin. The school will serve students who meet the following criteria: 1. Children, male or female, between the ages of 2 and 21, who are in Kindergarten through Grade 12 2. Residents must be U.S. citizens, or must be in possession of a current and valid green card or passport. 3. Prospective students are identified as educationally disabled with the primary disability being either emotionally disturbed or autism spectrum disorders, or other secondary disorders. Typically, Forbush students have difficulty with self-regulation, problems in their relationships with adults and peers, and are often unable to accept limits from adults. 4. Must not be able to function in a less restrictive environment. 5. The Forbush School at Glyndon may accept students who are actively involved with illicit drugs and/or alcohol or students who are unable to control their impulsive acts. However, such admissions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 6. The prospective student must be eligible for a government funded placement. 7. Prospective students and their families must be willing and accessible to participate in the pre-admission interview along with participating in the student's ongoing behavioral interventions and education. 8. Exceptions to any of the above criteria are subject to approval of the Education Director. 9. The school will not be able to serve students whose aggression, self-injury or fire setting are so severe that the school staff does not feel they can keep him/her safe from harming him/herself or others.


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