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Notes for Prospective Students

We consider three major criteria for students applying for admission to Southfield Christian School. 1. Christian Faith - Students must come from a family that celebrates biblical values.  One parent (which in the case of divorced parents must be the parent with whom the student primarily resides) must be "born again" (that is, a follower of Jesus Christ who knows Him as their personal Savior) and adheres to the school's Lifestyle Statement, which includes biblically based standards and teachings regarding marriage, sexual immorality, gender identity, and homosexual lifestyles.  The family's active participation in a local church is also an important factor in granting admission. Additionally, high school students must also be "born again" and able to share their testimony. 2. Academic Achievement - Students must have a "B" average on their report card in the core subjects, and score at grade level (above the 50th percentile) on nationally administered achievement tests. (For example, standardized tests such as ACT Aspire, MAP, MStep, and IOWA.) 3. Personal Character - Both the student and parent's character and reputation in the community, must be satisfactory and a desire to attend Southfield Christian School must be evident.

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