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Wediko`s admissions process is focused on determining "goodness of fit" between Wediko and the student and family. To do this, we try to learn as much about the student and family as possible, as well as help the student and family to learn about us. In our admissions process, the Wediko Admissions Team: * Reviews the completed application and additional clinical documentation such as psychological assessments, discharges, and IEPs;  * Speaks with the family and other professionals as applicable (educational consultants, previous schools, and/or therapists) in order to gain different perspectives on the student; * Interviews each student and family in person. Ideally, this takes place on campus so that the student and family can take a tour and have a chance to get the "feel" of Wediko. However, for students unable to come to campus, we are able to make other arrangements. Admissions decisions are made as a team, based on "goodness of fit" of the student and family with our program, as well as space available.

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