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Notes for Prospective Students

Standards Our goal at Bergen County Christian Academy is that each student has a credible testimony of personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and we strive to help each student live consistently for the glory of God. Admission to BCCA requires unequivocal acceptance of the philosophy, principles, and mission of the school by both the student and his/her parents or guardians. Admission also requires a satisfactory prior academic record and the availability of classroom openings. BCCA admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. BCCA reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone without having to define the reason(s) for that refusal, and of suspending or expelling anyone who proves to be uncooperative with the overall purpose and program of the school. Membership into the student body of BCCA is a privilege, not a right. If at any time, in the opinion of the administration, it is determined that a student is not in sympathy with the goals and ideals of the school, he or she may be asked to leave or may not be invited to return the following year. Kindergarten Age Qualifications In order for a child to enroll in our Kindergarten program, he/she must be at least five years of age by September 30th of the year in which Kindergarten enrollment is being sought. For a child to enter first grade, he/she must have successfully completed Kindergarten and be at least six years of age by September 30th of the year in which first-grade enrollment is sought. Exceptions to this rule are rare but may be allowed at the approval of the administration. Immunizations Proof shall be furnished of immunization against the communicable diseases at the time of enrollment or such immunizations shall be completed within 30 days from the date of entry into the school. Application Process At BCCA, the steps for students enrollment are simple: Complete an application form Submit prior Academic and Disciplinary Records (Transcript Request) Submit Immunization and Physical Examination Records (Medical Forms A and B) Submit payment for Academic Testing & Registration Satisfactorily complete the Academic Test Complete the pre-admission Personal Interviews (student/parents) Return signed copies of the Parent/Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form and the Controlled Substance Testing Agreement Form. A Student is considered enrolled when all of these steps have been completed and the student has been notified of his/her acceptance into the school.

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