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The Academy offers a dynamic academic curriculum and provides a globally-focused academic program, designed for students who have the talent and ability to succeed in school, in college, and beyond. We also strive to understand and appreciate each student and his/her educational needs. One of our main educational goals is to have the student assume responsibility for learning. Students who attend the Academy possess a range of gifts and talents. The Office of Admission seeks students who would benefit from and thrive in the educational environment the school offers; unfortunately, we cannot provide for those students requiring exceptional attention or significant learning accommodations. We want students to have a happy, successful experience as they explore and develop into young adults. Characteristics most consistently found in successful Academy students are: > Self-motivation and assumption of responsibility > Above-average aptitude and achievement > Intellectual curiosity > Analytical and creative thinking skills > Independent reading skills > Effective time management > Well-rounded talents and interests > Physical and emotional wellness Harrisburg Academy's admission process is designed to admit qualified students who are capable of benefiting from the school's college preparatory program and making a positive contribution to the school community. The Office of Admission works to identify, attract, and retain a diverse group of students who possess the following characteristics: intellectual curiosity, willingness to serve others and community, self-motivation and a solid work ethic, admirable character, special talents, and an enthusiasm for involvement in the school's co-curricular offerings.

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