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Open Window School is designed to meet the needs of gifted learners in grades K-8. In addition to the application, school records and teacher evaluation there are specific IQ testing requirements for admission. An IQ test measures verbal and non-verbal problem solving abilities. It is not an achievement test. To be considered for admission to Open Window, applicants must achieve a full scale or composite score at the 95th percentile or above. For students 6 years of age and younger we accept either the Weschler Intelligence Test (WPPSI-IV) or the Stanford-Binet, V. For students 6 years of age and older we accept the Wechsler Intelligence Test (WISC-V.) Students applying to third grade or higher must also submit achievement testing. This can be standardized group testing from a current or previous school (ITBS, etc) or a Woodcock-Johnson III. Applicants to all grades will complete a virtual visit between December-March. During the visit, applicants have an opportunity to demonstrate abilities as well as experience social interaction with teachers and other applicants. Visit dates are scheduled after the application is complete. OWS has a clearly defined admissions policy reflecting the special mission of the school. Great care is taken to preserve the consistency and integrity of the process to ensure success for all students. Applicants are considered according to formal and informal measures: indications of high intellectual ability advanced achievement (or potential for) in academic skills independent thinking skills appropriate maturity positive social skills individual talents and interests. Typically, OWS follows the age guidelines of Washington State schools: birthday by August 31 for grade assignment. In addition, OWS seeks to maintain gender balance, a healthy mix of personalities, and cultural diversity in its classrooms.

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