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Notes for Prospective Students

Initial Admissions Process: 1. Apply online at:  and complete the "Inquiry Application".  2.  The school will call you to schedule an appointment for your student to shadow for the day or partial day and meet with the Head of School after class dismissal. Meetings are generally scheduled at 1:15 pm. 2. At the time of the meeting please provide the student's most recent official transcripts and any other important documentation. 3. Register and pay for the next offered entry exam. 4. The entry exam will be scored within one-two weeks of test date. 5. The entry exam and the official transcripts are reviewed. 6. Once the review is complete, a team member will contact you to discuss admission. A second meeting may be scheduled at this time. Upon Admissions Approval: 1. Pay Registration 2. Submit Registration Sheet and Transcript Release Forms.

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