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Private School Jobs:

After School Instructor
Fiddlehead Art and Science Center - Gray - ME
Posted on Fri., July 29, 2016
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: 11/hour
Education requirements: Experience with children
Contact: (207)657-2244;

Fiddlehead Center is in search of energetic after school teachers of all kinds! This includes art, technology, music, dance and evening adult classes. This is a part time position ranging from 5-12 hours a week. If you are interested in joining the Fiddlehead team please call (207)657-2244 or email with your proposed class or ideas!

Class Teacher
The Bay School - Blue Hill - ME
Posted on Mon., January 11, 2016
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: 31,000 - $40,000
Education requirements: Applicants must have a Bachelors or Masters Degree and Waldorf Teacher Training or Certification. Prior Waldorf teaching experience is highly valued.
Starting date: Mon., August 29, 2016
Contact: Khalif Williams, Director; 207-374-2187;

About the Class Teacher’s Work The class teacher, a central figure in a child's Bay School education, holds a number of responsibilities. In the classroom, these include daily instruction of a combined grades class over several years, working with the pedagogical indications of the Waldorf method, and ensuring harmony in the class and the well-being of each child. Additionally, class teachers work with faculty chair and director to: (1) define and articulate the school's educational vision and ways in which the vision is implemented, (2) assess the program's effectiveness and/or needs and make changes and/or bring recommendations to the board and parents, and (3) communicated the school's educational mission and practices to parents, trustees, alumni/ae, and members of the larger community. Class Work • Facilitate the implementation the Bay School Program of Studies consistent with the mission and Waldorf methodologies of the school • Prepare daily lesson plans in accordance with the school’s pedagogical principles • Assess and track academic progress, social/emotional development, and physical well-being of each student in the class • Keep accurate records of student progress and assessments • Write semi-annual student evaluations • Identify needs for extra student academic support and work with the school and parents to establish measures to address the needs effectively. • Implement the school’s approach to student discipline in ways that are clear, positive and, preventative • Ensure a safe, neat, and aesthetically pleasing classroom each day, consistent with the pedagogy of the age • Support school policies and programs (e.g. attendance, discipline and recess rules, festivals) as outlined in the Faculty Handbook • Provide support for specialty teachers and participate in specialty classes as needed • Assist in the introduction of new specialty teachers into classroom routines Faculty Work • Attend regular Faculty meetings and August/June inservices • adhere to the daily schedule and yearly calendar • Participate in the ongoing development, evaluation, and improvement of curriculum and other programs • Participate in the planning of school activities, field trips, and festivals and collaborates with colleagues to coordinate these events. • Participate in recess duty and check-out duties as assigned • Participate in parent/teacher conferences (twice per year) and parent evenings (four times per year) • Participate in the school’s annual Open Houses and other admissions outreach events • Participate in scheduled school festivals • Pursue appropriate professional activities which support your work and inspire renewal (minimum one activity per year) • Engage in self-evaluation and peer mentoring according to the school’s outlined procedures • Represent the school as an ambassador in the greater community

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