About Boys' Schools: In Their Words

About Boys' Schools:  In Their Words
Here are a dozen or so boys' schools' public thoughts about themselves and their missions.

The pendulum has swung once more. This time in favor of the advantages of single-sex education. New research quantifies what many of us have known anecdotally, namely that single-sex education works. Here are a dozen boys' schools' public thoughts about themselves and their missions.

From Avon Old Farms , Avon, Connecticut

As a boys' boarding school, our programs are designed to help young men focus on their development at a time when distractions abound. Although numerous opportunities exist for our students to interact with girls from Miss Porter's, Ethel Walker's, and other nearby schools, boys are free to live and learn in our structured, supportive environment. In an all-boys context, our students embrace scholastic challenges and compete in the athletic arena while feeling safe exploring the arts, experimenting with poetry, expressing school spirit, and just being themselves.

Avon Old Farms offers grades 9-12 and a Postgraduate year. The school serves approximately 500 young men.

From Marquette University High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

MUHS has evolved with each passing decade to meet the changing needs of the young men in our community and like our 17th Century namesake, Father Jacques Marquette, students, faculty and staff members share a passion for exploring uncharted territory, whether it’s in a textbook or their own hearts.

Marquette University High School offers grades 9-12. The school serves approximately 1050 young men.

From Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, California

Bellarmine knows boys.

  • We see how they negotiate their way through the different stages of development, and use that insight in engaging them, counseling them, mentoring them and teaching them.
  • We teach boys the way they learn best, using specific strategies that motivate young men to learn, and modifying standard approaches to align with their unique needs.
  • We encourage them to be competitive - and with the understanding that we are all learning - to discuss, to question, and to challenge.
  • We give them the freedom to take risks, try new things and make mistakes.
  • We offer them a safe place to build concentration, confidence and character.

Bellarmine College Preparatory offers grades 9-12. The school serves approximately 1600 young men.

From The Church Farm School, Exton, Pennsylvania

What We Do...

The Church Farm School prepares a diverse group of boys with academic ability and good character to lead productive and fulfilling lives by making a college preparatory education financially accessible.

Who We Are
Those We Serve....
  • We seek boys for whom a Church Farm School education represents an extraordinary opportunity.
  • We offer opportunities to boys of ability and promise who are working to achieve their full potential.
  • We intentionally provide significant financial aid in order to welcome students from a wide range of economic circumstances.
  • We embrace our unique ethnic, geographic, and socio-economic diversity.
  • We serve boys from a variety of family situations, particularly those with a single parent."
The Church Farm School offers grades 7-12. The school serves approximately 200 young men.From Collegiate School, New York, New York
The center of what we do, daily, is the classroom. From Kindergarten to 12th grade, the curiosity, energy, and passion of our boys radiates throughout the school. We expect our students to take their academic responsibilities seriously but to possess sufficient humility so that they can laugh and not take themselves too seriously. We expect those very same classrooms to be defined by respectfulness and civility. In fact, we aim to be a community that strives for its students to seek academic and personal excellence. Those goals are of great importance to the faculty: they are fundamental.
The Collegiate School offers grades K-12. The school serves approximately 640 young men.
From Woodberry Forest School, Woodberry Forest, Virginia
When you first visit Woodberry, you may be surprised to find books, jackets, and scooters left around campus while their owners take care of other business. When the boys return, their items will still be there. That is because of our legendary honor system, which prohibits lying, cheating, and stealing. The honor system is not an empty pledge at Woodberry. It is a way of life and a means for educating students about what it means to be honorable men.
At Woodberry, we also make time for fun. Boys build forts on the banks of the Rapidan River, which borders our 1,200-acre campus. They scale our climbing tower, compose music, act in plays, take advantage of our beautiful, well-equipped arts center, or use athletic facilities which rival those found at many small colleges. Every weekend they can choose from a number of athletic, cultural, and social activities occurring on or off campus. There is always plenty to do."
Woodberry Forest School offers grades 9-12. The school serves approximately 400 young men.
From Fenn School, Concord, Massachusetts
Fenn teaches the whole boy. Our independent boys' school provides a rigorous academic curriculum and attention to each boy's social, physical, and ethical development. Because teachers also serve as advisors, coaches, and mentors, teaching takes place everywhere on campus.
"Recent research shows that boys in grades 4 through 9 learn best in an environment dedicated to their development. Boys' schools provide a learning environment that encourages self-expression and full participation in all activities. The Fenn primary, middle, and upper school curricula meet boys' needs to be inspired by heroes, compete, be problem-solvers, be physical and tactile, and develop clear behavioral standards."

The Fenn School offers grades 4-9. The school serves approximately 325 young men.

McCallie School is dedicated to preparing young men to make a positive difference in their world. By fostering their intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional development, the school seeks to inspire and motivate them to: strive for excellence; seek truth; live honorably; act responsibly; and help others.

McCallie School offers grades 6-12. The school serves approximately 920 young men.

From Jesuit High School, New Orleans, Louisiana

A day at Jesuit entails more than just hitting the books. While formation - both spiritual and academic - is the main focus of a young man's stay here at Jesuit. The social formation is another aspect of a Jesuit education; an aspect that rounds out the Jesuit student by providing opportunities to practice the principles he has learned and to have fun doing it.

Jesuit High School offers grades 8-12. The school serves approximately 1290 young men.

From Subiaco Academy, Subiaco, Arkansas

For over 125 years, Subiaco Academy has provided a personalized, well-rounded education for high school boys. The stable, structured environment at Subiaco affords young men the opportunity to better concentrate on their studies, making their academic training more successful. Over the past century, Subiaco's methods have been proven to better prepare young men for college and for life. Seniors at Subiaco have a 100% college acceptance rate and more than 80% of the seniors typically receive scholarships.

Nestled against the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, the Subiaco campus provides young men a safe, healthy, and engaging environment. While other schools encourage students to narrow their scope of interests to one or two activities, Subiaco encourages and allows its young men to pursue as many interests as they like."

Subiaco Academy offers grades 7-12. The school serves approximately 170 young men.

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