About Girls' Schools: In Their Words

About Girls' Schools: In Their Words
Here are a dozen or so girls' schools' public thoughts about themselves and their missions.

I thought it might be instructive to gather a dozen or so girls' schools' public thoughts about themselves and their missions. The words which I have quoted can be found on each school's web site. Hopefully, if you are thinking about sending your daughter to an all girls' school, you will be inspired to explore the opportunities available to you in these fine educational environments committed to educating your daughters to be all they can be.

From Nightingale-Bamford School, New York, New York

"Founded by two bold, visionary entrepreneurs in the same year that women won the right to vote, the Nightingale-Bamford School has helped generations of girls to become strong, independent, confident women. We offer a rigorous, college-preparatory education from Kindergarten through grade 12 in a caring and attentive school community."

"Over the 90 years since our school was founded, we have graduated almost 3,000 alumnae, expanded our building four times, and adopted new disciplines and means of teaching. But throughout it all, we've retained the same guiding principles that Miss Nightingale and Miss Bamford instilled in those first students: truth, friendship, and loyalty."

The Nightingale-Bamford School offers grades K-12. The school serves approximately 570 young ladies.

From Saint Mary's School, Raleigh, North Carolina

"Saint Mary’s School has developed curriculum and employed strategies that capitalize on the strengths of girls on their journey to college and life. Girls’ schools support a culture, climate, and community that together generate high levels of personal and academic self-confidence and a can-do attitude. Research shows that girls in single-gender environments move on to advanced courses more often than do girls in co-educational classes. They earn better grades and report that they have greater confidence in themselves and feel more positive about their learning environment."

Saint Mary's School offers grades 9-12. The school serves approximately 260 young ladies.

From Miss Porter's School, Farmington, Connecticut

"Our Mission: Miss Porter's School educates young women to become informed, bold, resourceful and ethical global citizens. We expect our graduates to shape a changing world.

Our Vision: In keeping with our founder's vision, Miss Porter's School joins tradition with innovation to provide an exemplary education to young women. Generation after generation, our leadership is defined by our ability to articulate how young women think, how young women learn, and why gender matters. Within our legacy lies our future."

Miss Porter's School offers grades 9-12. The school serves approximately 311 young ladies.

From The Winsor School, Boston, Massachusetts

"Winsor is a diverse, vibrant community that values intellectual curiosity, authentic engagement, and personal integrity. We challenge our students to lead lives of purpose as responsible, generous-minded women."

"Winsor is an independent day school for academically promising and motivated girls in grades 5-12. The school enrolls approximately 430 students from diverse cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. They hail from more than 50 different communities in and around the city of Boston."

Winsor School offers grades 5-12. The school serves approximately 435 young ladies.

From Lubavitch Girls High School, Chicago, IL


Our Mission

"We, at Lubavitch Girls High School, are committed to kindling the hearts and minds of our students with the Rebbe’s message of personal and global geulah. Nurturing each student’s academic, social, and developmental needs is central to our mission. We aim to help each student intensify her understanding of and commitment to Torah and Chabad Chassidus and develop a meaningful relationship with the Aibershter and a lasting Hiskashrus to the Rebbe. We encourage each student to develop herself both internally and with her actions into a ner lihaier, a true chosid."

Lubavitch Girls High School School offers grades 9-12. The school serves approximately 65 young ladies.

From Atlanta Girls' School, Atlanta, Georgia

"Atlanta Girls’ School uses girl-centered strategies both inside and outside the classroom to ensure that all aspects of the learning environment are right for girls. At AGS, a girl speaks up because she’s not afraid of looking too smart. She offers her ideas freely and welcomes others to do the same. She becomes more confident and comfortable with taking risks.

Strong role models help her discover her own strengths, and leadership opportunities from her first year forward give her the hands-on practice crucial to self-confidence. When a girl completes her AGS education, she understands who she is and is ready to thrive in mixed-gender educational, career, and social settings."

The Atlanta Girls' School offers grades 6-12. The school serves approximately 225 young ladies.

From The Hockaday School, Dallas, Texas

"It is a school built and nurtured for almost ten decades by people who care about children, love teaching and learning, and want to make the world a better place.

This work has NEVER been more important than it is today. Our girls live in a high-stakes, high-pressure world. As the adults in their lives, I hope together we will strive to augment and nurture a joyful, playful environment, where girls – and adults alike – are encouraged to be healthy, balanced individuals who give their best and learn from their mistakes in achieving their goals."

The Hockaday School offers grades PK-12. The school serves approximately 1085 young ladies.

From The Study, Montreal, Quebec

"We guide each Study girl towards reaching her fullest potential by fostering fine scholarship, instilling the love of learning, and developing well-rounded leadership qualities in a global-minded, diverse environment where both the individual and the community are valued."

The Study offers grades K-11.

From Foxcroft School, Middleburg, Virginia

"Foxcroft provides a residential learning experience for girls in which academic excellence, leadership, responsibility, and integrity are our highest values."

"Foxcroft is, by design, a small, residential school. The 2013-14 student body is 72 percent boarding students with a total of 165 girls from 21 states, Washington D.C., and nine foreign countries. Fourteen percent are U.S. students of color, 20 percent are international students, and about 33 percent receive financial aid. Nearly one-quarter of the students are related to alumnae -- an impressive testament to the relationship between the School and its graduates."

Foxcroft School offers grades 9-12. The school serves approximately 165 young ladies.

From Chatham Hall, Chatham, Virginia

"Chatham Hall prepares girls for college and for productive lives. Our rigorous educational program encourages intellectual growth, creativity, and personal responsibility. We foster the intellect and character of each student and, through our Honor Code, live in a community of trust. Grounded in its Episcopal heritage, the School welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds."

Chatham Hall offers grades 9-12. The school serves approximately 140 young ladies.

From Marymount High School, Los Angeles, California

"As Head of School, there is little more rewarding than walking through campus watching our students collaborate -- whether they are tackling a biology assignment, organizing a community service event, editing a video for a class project or working on a soccer drill. As I observe them tackling these projects, I wonder who is a future engineer, business executive, social justice or environmental advocate, doctor, researcher, chef, or award-winning author? How will each of these girls take the skills she is developing at Marymount and become a leader?

I know that each of these remarkable young women will discover her best self while at Marymount, and will develop the skills necessary to lead, in whatever path she chooses."

Marymount High School offers grades 9-12. The school serves approximately 360 young ladies.

From Columbus School for Girls, Columbus, Ohio

"We thought you might like to learn a little about the principles which sustain the education at Columbus School for Girls. We hope our students leave this school believing that their lives and the lives of others matter. We want them to be courageous and good, as well as scholarly and analytical. We believe education accomplishes this purpose when students are taught to enjoy challenge and risk, to respect the thoughts and feelings of others, and to embrace the joys of an active mind and a healthy body."

The Columbus School for Girls offers grades PK-12. The school serves approximately 640 young ladies.

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