Top North Dakota Schools By Membership Association

Top North Dakota Private Schools by Membership Association (2019-20)

  • Membership Association
    # Schools
    # Students
    % Minority
  • 3 Schools
    245 Students
    7.46% Minority
  • 4 Schools
    1,106 Students
    11.12% Minority
  • 1 Schools
    48 Students
    26.53% Minority
  • 1 Schools
    37 Students
    28.57% Minority
  • 1 Schools
    47 Students
    6.82% Minority
  • 25 Schools
    4,930 Students
    8.66% Minority
  • 1 Schools
    175 Students
    - Minority
  • 7 Schools
    1,241 Students
    14.71% Minority
  • 1 Schools
    250 Students
    5.29% Minority
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