A Guide To High School Issues

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A Guide To High School Issues
This hub page lists over three dozen articles dealing with issues in high school such as academics and discipline.

We have written these articles to help you and your children navigate the high school years in private school. We hope that you will find them helpful.

4 Best Studying Apps for Students and Teachers
These apps are changing the game in education. Check out the 4 best studying apps for students and teachers.

5 Metrics For Choosing A College 
Choosing a college is one of the rituals every family with a junior in private school needs to cope with. These five metrics will give you an overview of the process.

5 Things You Must Not Do With Personal Technology
Young people take personal technology devices for granted. We parents and teachers must make them aware of how such devices are used in the real world.

5 Ways To Protect Your Child From Bullying
Bullying lurks everywhere. Learn the warning signs and how to protect your child.

7 Ways to Improve Your Math Scores
Add things up and you'll quickly find the answer- math is crucial both in academics and the real world. By following these strategies and following personal training programs, students can uncover their weaknesses and conquer math. 

10 Things To Do Before You Graduate
This is a very practical list of things you must do before you graduate. The items on this list will enhance your college applications.

The 21 Secrets of A+ Students
Ever wish you could pick the brain of A+ students?  Well, we did it for you — we spoke with dozens of students and educators to find out their secrets for success.

Ask Mr. Chips

You have questions about private schools. We have answers.

Cellphones In The Classroom: Good Or Bad?
Cellphones can be both a useful tool and a distraction. We look at the issue from both points of view.

Cindy Springsteen and Robert Kennedy on Teen Issues
Cindy Springsteen writes for the Long Island Examiner. She and I had a go at a couple of the major issues confronting parents of teens.

College Counseling in Private High Schools
Private high schools offer strong college counseling programs which are ongoing and fully integrated into the daily activities.

Codes of Conduct
Discipline in private schools generally begins with a code of conduct.

Distinguished Graduates of Private Schools
Graduates of private schools end up doing all sorts of things. Many of them become distinguished leaders in their chosen fields.

Ever Wonder....?
Have you ever wondered why some private schools are so competitive? Some answers to that and other questions.

Getting Involved With Your Child's School 
Getting involved with your child's school benefits both you and the school. It's a win-win for all concerned.

Graduation Gifts
Graduation is always a warm, happy occasion. Mark this important milestone with a memorable gift. Here are some suggestions.

A private school handbook is essentially a set of guidelines for life in the school community.

Helicopter, Velcro And Snowplow Parents
Have you ever wondered why some private schools are so competitive? Some answers to that and other questions.

How To Improve Your SSAT Verbal Score
The experts at Noodle Pros show us how to improve verbal scores on one of the most widely-used private school standardized admissions tests, the SSAT.

Interactive Learning the Harkness Way
Students sitting in rows of desks listening to a teacher lecture? You are not likely to find this scenario in a school which uses Harkness Tables.

My Child Has Been Expelled For Smoking Pot!
If your child is caught smoking pot or drinking on her private school campus, the consequences will be severe.

The PG Year
A PG or Post Graduate year offers time to mature and time to perfect a sport or other interests.

Preventing Teen Suicide
Teen suicide is the 3rd largest killer of young adults between the ages of 15-24. It can be prevented.

The Safety Factor
There are several reasons why private schools are safe places for children. More here.

SAT Prep
SAT test prep takes time to do properly. We explore some of your options here.

School Safety
Seemingly never-ending school shootings prompted me to find out whether private schools were safer than public schools. Some answers and opinions on the matter here.

School Year Abroad
Several private schools offer a whole academic year abroad. Still others offer a summer abroad.

Should You Consider Sending Your Child to a New School?
You have just heard about a new private school opening soon in your area. Should you consider sending your child there? A look at the pros and cons of such a decision.

Uniforms and Dress Codes
School uniforms are largely found at religious, parochial and military schools. Dress codes have replaced uniforms at most schools.

What Do I Do When....
Here are some answers and some resources to help you deal with those tough questions, such as "What can I do when my child has been expelled?"

What If They Won't Have Your Child Back?
It's spring. You receive a letter from the school advising you that it will not be renewing its contract with you for next year. How can this happen? We offer some answers.

What is AP?
AP is short for the Advanced Placement Program offered by the College Board. It is a course of study designed to prepare high school students for college.

What Is IB?
What is IB? IB or International Baccalaureate is a curriculum offered by the International Baccalaureate organization based in Switzerland.

What's In A Grade?
The letter grade at one school may or may not be the same as the letter grade scheme at another school. Some answers to the inconsistencies here.

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How To Have Successful Parent-Teacher Conference
What is AP?
What is AP?
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