Top Vermont Religiously Affiliated Schools

  • For the 2020 school year, there are 35 top religiously affiliated private schools in Vermont (26% of all schools), serving 2,786 students.
  • The most common religiously affiliated schools are Roman Catholic (40% of schools), Christian (26% of schools) and Seventh Day Adventist (11% of schools).

Top Vermont Private Schools by Religious Affiliation (2020)

  • Religious Affiliation
    # Schools
    # Students
    % Minority
  • 3 Schools
    244 Students
    9.33% Minority
  • 9 Schools
    527 Students
    11.73% Minority
  • 1 Schools
    30 Students
    19.35% Minority
  • 1 Schools
    11 Students
    - Minority
  • 2 Schools
    53 Students
    - Minority
  • 1 Schools
    - Students
    11.11% Minority
  • 14 Schools
    1,900 Students
    6.66% Minority
  • 4 Schools
    21 Students
    4.76% Minority
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