Vermont Famous Private School Alumni

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Famous Private School Alumni (Vermont):

School Name
Notable School Alumni (Sample)
  • Peter Shumlin - Former Vermont Governor
  • Judi St. Hilaire - Olympic Athlete
  • Andrew Johnson - Olympic Athlete
  • Moses Pendleton - Founder of dance company MOMIX
  • Walter H. Cleary - Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court
  • Ted Osius - U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam
  • Wally Shawn - Writer, actor, director
  • Jonathan Schell - Author, The Fate of the Earth
  • Errol Morris - Documentary filmmaker
  • Kerry Kennedy Cuomo - Director Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Hum. Rights
  • Tea Leoni - Actress
  • Tim Weiner - Pulitzer Prize winning journalist
  • Tim Daly - Film, television, and theater actor
  • James Graham - CEO and Founder of Community Phone
  • Jo Dee Messina - Country Singer, winner of Academy of Country Music's Top Female Artist of the year, and the CMA's Horizon Award.
  • Pamela Rae Schuller - Internationally known disability and mental health advocate and professional stand-up comedian.
  • Calvin Coolidge - President of the United States
  • Joe Perry - Guitarist with the band Aerosmith
  • Russell Porter - Founder of Stellaphane and designer of Mt. Palomar Observatory
  • Paul Percy Harris - Founder of Rotary Club
  • Jim McClaren - Recipient of ESPY award
  • Florence Sabin - Medical pioneer and first female student at Johns Hopkins medical school
  • Bruce Lawlor - Major General with the U.S. Army
  • Mike Morin - U.S. ski team coach; coached Bodi Miller
  • Lee Stanley - Film producer who works with troubled juveniles

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