Average Private Elementary School SAT Scores in Rhode Island

The averageprivate elementary school SAT score in Rhode Island is 1227 (2021-22).
The private elementary school in Rhode Island with the highest SAT score is Barrington Christian Academy, with an SAT score of 1280.

Average Private Elementary School SAT Scores in Rhode Island (2021-22)

SAT Score
Rank: #11.
Barrington Christian Academy
Barrington Christian Academy Photo - Middle School students are ready for another amazing year!
SAT Score: 1280
Grades: K-12
9 Old County Road
Barrington, RI 02806
(401) 246-0113
Rank: #22.
Rocky Hill School
Rocky Hill School Photo - Middle School students take part in Enviroweek the first week of each school year which includes an Eighth Grade camping trip to Mt. Monadnock. The lessons learned and relationships built during this time lay the foundation for a great year.
SAT Score: 1270
Grades: NS-12
530 Ives Road
East Greenwich, RI 02818
(401) 884-9070
Rank: #33.
St. Andrew's School
St. Andrew's School Photo
(Roman Catholic)
SAT Score: 1130
Grades: 6-12
63 Federal Rd
Barrington, RI 02806
(401) 246-1230

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