Average Private School SAT Scores by State

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  • The national average private school SAT Scores is approximately 1235 (2020).
  • The private schools with the highest average SAT Scores in each state are listed below (where sufficient data available).

Average Private School SAT Scores by State (2020)

Average SAT Scores
Schools with Highest SAT Scores
Indian Springs School (1377)
The Altamont School (1350)
Eastwood Christian School (1330)
The Donoho School (1320)
Randolph School (1310)
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Immaculate Heart School (1450)
Phoenix Country Day School (1410)
Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy (1380)
Rancho Solano Preparatory School - Middle and Upper School (1300)
Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory (1270)
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The College Preparatory School (1492)
Westridge School (1490)
The Quarry Lane School (1480)
BASIS Independent Silicon Valley (1478)
Montessori Family School (1470)
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Kent Denver School (1393)
Belleview Christian School (1350)
The Colorado Springs School (1326)
Regis Jesuit High School - Boys Division (1290)
Colorado Timberline Academy (1290)
View Top CO Schools
Hopkins School (1470)
Choate Rosemary Hall (1420)
The Loomis Chaffee School (1370)
The Taft School (1356)
Westminster School (1350)
View Top CT Schools
Tower Hill School (1350)
Archmere Academy (1340)
Red Lion Christian Academy (1290)
Wilmington Friends School (1280)
Wilmington Christian School (1240)
View Top DE Schools
World Children's Academy (1600)
Heritage Christian Academy (1500)
Walden Community School (1470)
David Posnack Jewish Day School (1430)
CRISDA Christian Academy (1400)
View Top FL Schools
Wynfield Christian Academy (1470)
The Westminster Schools (1420)
Holy Innocents' Episcopal School (1405)
Augusta Preparatory Day School (1340)
Marist School (1333)
View Top GA Schools
Iolani School (1400)
Hawaii Preparatory Academy (1320)
Le Jardin Academy (1290)
Kauai Christian Academy (1240)
Parker School (1230)
View Top HI Schools
Riverstone International School (1420)
The North Fork School (1390)
Logos School (1271)
Bishop Kelly High School (1230)
Calvary Chapel Christian School of Pocatello (1220)
View Top ID Schools
St Bede Academy (1355)
Roycemore School (1350)
Christian Heritage Academy (1331)
Lake Forest Academy (1290)
Elgin Academy (1290)
View Top IL Schools
International School Of Indiana (1340)
Canterbury School (1330)
Park Tudor School (1320)
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School (1320)
Trinity School At Greenlawn (1319)
View Top IN Schools
The Piarist School (1440)
Trinity Christian Academy (1380)
Covington Latin School (1360)
Highlands Latin School (1358)
Kentucky Country Day School (1340)
View Top KY Schools
Phillips Academy Andover (1446)
Concord Academy (1430)
Deerfield Academy (1420)
Winsor School (1412)
Middlesex School (1410)
View Top MA Schools
Georgetown Preparatory School (1400)
Charles E Smith Jewish Day School (1390)
Rockbridge Academy (1349)
Landon School (1340)
Saint James School (1320)
View Top MD Schools
Foxcroft Academy (1300)
Berwick Academy (1280)
Waynflete (1257)
Cheverus High School (1230)
John Bapst Memorial High School (1210)
View Top ME Schools
Detroit Country Day School (1410)
Hillsdale Academy (1390)
De La Salle Collegiate (1370)
Notre Dame Preparatory & Marist Academy (1360)
Greenhills School (1324)
View Top MI Schools
Liberty Classical Academy (1500)
The Blake School/Upper School (1395)
The Blake School (1395)
The Blake School (1395)
Academy Of Holy Angels (1380)
View Top MN Schools
John Burroughs School (1470)
Thomas Jefferson School (1460)
Columbia Independent School (1410)
The Pembroke Hill School (1400)
MICDS (Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School) (1400)
View Top MO Schools
North Carolina1208
Durham Academy (1415)
Providence Day School (1370)
Woodlawn School (1340)
Trinity Academy (1340)
Asheville Christian Academy (1330)
View Top NC Schools
New Hampshire1234
St. Paul's School (1415)
Kimball Union Academy (1350)
The Derryfield School (1290)
Holderness School (1253)
Bishop Guertin High School (1250)
View Top NH Schools
New Jersey1260
Primoris Academy (1570)
Newark Academy (1420)
Stuart Country Day School (1420)
Villa Walsh Academy (1410)
Princeton Day School (1410)
View Top NJ Schools
New York1235
Toobaa Academy (1530)
The Lang School (1450)
Birch Wathen Lenox School (1410)
Loyola High School (1400)
Rye Country Day School (1400)
View Top NY Schools
The Columbus Academy (1390)
The Seven Hills School (1370)
Columbus School For Girls (1370)
Hawken School (1370)
Lake Catholic High School (1366)
View Top OH Schools
Catlin Gabel School (1414)
Oregon Episcopal School (1400)
Riverdale High School (1350)
St. Stephen's Academy (1313)
The Delphian School (1284)
View Top OR Schools
Linden Hall (1400)
The Haverford School (1360)
Aquinas Academy (1360)
Mercersburg Academy (1341)
Grier School (1340)
View Top PA Schools
South Carolina1160
Beverly White (1400)
Daniel's (1400)
Hammond School (1307)
Lowcountry Preparatory School (1300)
Mead Hall Episcopal School (1300)
View Top SC Schools
Montgomery Bell Academy (1370)
Westminster Academy (1370)
University School Of Nashville (1331)
The Webb School (1320)
Lipscomb Academy (1310)
View Top TN Schools
Cistercian Preparatory School (1470)
Keystone School (1450)
EA Young Academy (1440)
The Brook Hill School (1423)
St. John XXIII College Preparatory (1400)
View Top TX Schools
The Waterford School (1400)
Rowland Hall (1320)
Kolob Canyon RTC (1235)
Applied Scholastics Academy of Salt Lake City (1220)
Eva Carlston Academy (1200)
View Top UT Schools
Pinnacle Academy (1375)
St. Anne's-Belfield School (1370)
Heritage Christian School (1360)
Providence Christian Academy (1350)
The Madeira School (1350)
View Top VA Schools
Rainier Christian Schools (1537)
Summit Christian Academy (1450)
Woodinville Montessori School - North Creek Campus (1388)
Northwest Yeshiva High School (1380)
The Overlake School (1360)
View Top WA Schools
Eastbrook Academy (1340)
Valley Christian School (1200)
St Lawrence Seminary High School (1180)
St. Augustine School Inc (1150)
St. John's Northwestern Military Academy (1110)
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The state with highest average private school SAT score is Minnesota, with 1316. The county with the highest average private school SAT score is Mercer County, NJ with 1337.