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Alexsander Academy is a very small, fully accredited, non-profit school for students with learning differences and special needs. Alexsander Academy provides an academically rigorous program for students that need a small flexible learning environment that provides group learning but focuses on the student as an individual learner.
The goal with ALL students is to give them the skills and self confidence they need to move on to larger and more traditional academic settings.

School Overview

School TypeSpecial Education School
School Membership(s)School Assoc.Georgia Accrediting Commission
Religious AffiliationNonsectarian
Grades OfferedGrades 1-12
Offers Post-Graduate YearYes
ADD/ADHD SupportYes
Learning Difference ProgramsYes
Learning Programs SupportedLD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Cognitive issues, processing and sensory issues
Year Founded2008
Summer School OfferedYes
Summer Program Cost$1,250
Summer Program Cost NotesFor students that can be in a class of one teacher and 8 students the cost is $1250 for the full 4 week half day (9-12) program. Students who need greater support considered on an individual basis. Tutoring provided all year long.

Student Body

Total Students20 students
Student Body TypeCo-ed
Students by Grade Alexsander Academy Student By Grade

Academics and Faculty

Total Classroom Teachers7 teachers
Student : Teacher Ratio3:1
National avg.: 13:1
% Faculty w/Advanced Degree
Average Class Size4 students
Classroom Dress CodeCasual

Finances and Admission

Admission DeadlineNone / Rolling
Tuition NotesTuition ranges based on support level needed SB10 approved, scholarships availableTuition for the 2019-2020 School Year“High school” Program…………….$19,500 until May 1st……..$20,500 after May 1st“Inclusion” Program…………….$15,000 until May 1st……..$15,500 after May 1st“Small group” program………...$18,500 until May 1st……..$19,500 after May 1st“Small group plus” Program…...$23,500 until May 1st……..$24,500 after May 1st“Transition” program 3 to 1 ratio...$27,500 until May 1st……..$29,500 after May 1st Waiting list
Admissions DirectorStefanie Smith
Admissions Associatenone

School Notes

  • Alexsander Academy is a very small, fully accredited, non-profit school for students with learning differences and special needs.  It is a place where all children are challenged academically regardless of the differences they may have. We know many children do not fit into a "one size fits all" program. Alexsander Academy focuses on each student as an individual and the curriculum is tailored to each student`s individual academic profile.

  • At Alexsander Academy we get to know our students` academic, social and emotional needs while focusing on building their independence skills. Our small environment allows us to help them be successful in a classroom environment, gain self-confidence, and build true and lasting friendships.   

  • Students:The students at Alexsander Academy are students who learn best in a smaller classroom setting and need teachers who understand children that learn differently.  Our students have often had difficulty getting their academic needs met in other programs. They need teachers and a learning environment that supports their need for flexibility in how they are able to access the curriculum.  Our students and parents are looking for a small school and a small  classroom environment that will support their long term goal of being successful in the larger setting and understand that our small environment is a stepping stone to that success. 

  •  Our Programs:Students` tuition levels are determined based on the support level that is needed for the individual student.  Classrooms are constructed based on the social, emotional, academic, and independence levels of the students.  This helps with the pairing of students and allows for the best possible match for academic comfort and social connection as possible based on what is known about the students overall.  Average class size is 4 to 6 students.  Classes can be as small as 2 students or as large as 10 students. The tuition is based on the support level the individual student needs as assessed by school staff.  Parents understand that if a student needs more support once a school year has started that additional tuition is needed to cover those services.  The goal for all students is to help them become as independent and successful as possible.  As a student gains skills, the support set up for the school year is gradually reduced, as the student is able, which allows for less support in subsequent school years and a lower tuition level as well.  Classrooms are made up of students with varying ages and grades.  Except for rare exceptions, age ranges are typically not more than two to three years.  Students are typically within the same range of academic skills as well as developmental skills.  At times a student with greater academic need may be placed with students with less need to have a classroom placement that allows the student to be in a group of his or her peers.  Great care is taken in making classroom placement decisions.  As a school, we believe that students are more likely to connect socially when they are in a true group of their peers which facilitates the foundation of lasting friendships. 

  • Programs available for the 20119-20 school year: High school Grades 9th 12th graduation programThis program targets students who still need the small, flexible environment our school provides but have the ability, with the augmentation and support we provide, to graduate from high school with a regular high school diploma.  As is done in our elementary and middle school classrooms, State standard classes are the format, but academic level is adjusted to the needs of the individual student.  Students move through the standards at their own pace and are able to obtain a regular high school diploma though our education partner, Independent Study, who is accredited and able to issue a regular high school diploma.  At this time, this program does not support students working at grade level for regular high school classes but is design to fill the gap for students that would traditionally get passed along from grade level to grade level without gaining the skills needed to prepare them for post high school goals such as vocational or technical school, military service or going into the workforce with the skill to be successful in those settings and real choice for their future. A minimum academic functioning level is required for this program.  Students who do not meet that level will be considered on an individual basis to determine if the school can accommodate the student in this program or other programs within our setting.   
  •  "Inclusion" Program 1st 8th (ages 6 16)These students have enough independent, academic, social, and emotional skills to be in a classroom with 8 students and one teacher.  They are no more than two to three grade levels behind and are able to work in a traditional format with augmentation as needed for their individual academic levels.  The student is able to access standard academic materials without the need for consistent changes to those materials and is able to learn concepts in a group. Students who need more augmentation or one to one help to access academics would fall into a different tuition category. The goal for these students is to bridge any academic gaps, if possible, along with any other issues that may keep them from being successful in a larger setting and to transition these students, when they are ready, back to a larger classroom setting.  Ultimately, the long term goal for these students is to have the skills needed to enter and finish high school.  
  • "Small group" program 1st 8th (ages 6 16)Students at this level require a greater level of academic or social support.  Students at this level may need additional augmentation to academic materials requiring a greater level of individualization of materials for academic success.  The goal is to provide the bridge from this augmentation to more traditional materials as is possible.  Students at this level may need a greater level of social or independence coaching to help them gain the skills to be completely independent and successful academically and socially in a larger setting. By providing this academic or social support, the goal for these students is to gain the necessary skills to be at an inclusion tuition level in subsequent years, if possible, and hopefully provide the foundation to be successful at some point in the future outside of this smaller setting.  
  •  "Small group plus" Program 1st 8th (ages 6 16)Students in this program require a greater level of both academic and social support.  Students may need additional augmentation to academic materials requiring a greater level of individualization of materials for academic success.  The goal is to provide the bridge from this augmentation to more traditional materials as is possible.  Students at this level also need social or independence coaching to help them gain the skills to be completely independent and successful academically and socially in a larger setting. By providing this academic and social support, the goal for these students is to gain the skills to be at a small group tuition level in subsequent years, if possible, and hopefully provide the foundation to be successful at some point in the future outside of this smaller setting..
  • "Transition" program Grades1st 8th (ages 6 -16) - Based on availability-limited spots are available in this program  WAITING LIST FOR FOR 2019-2020 school year for this programStudents in this program require the greatest level of support for a student who is ready to be at Alexsander Academy.  These students have been in one on one or therapeutic environments such as an ABA program or have been in small group classrooms in public or other private schools but are ready to learn how to take their skills into a classroom setting.  The ratio in these classrooms is small with no more than 3 to 4 students on a consistent basis.  Some limited ability to provide 2 to 1 or 1 to 1 support for students that require it may be available.  Students, as they are ready, will spend time in other targeted classroom settings allowing students to learn how to take their skills into classrooms that require more independence and traditional classroom skills. Students may be referred to after school tutoring to build skills needed to participate in this program  to ensure the student is ready for the classroom setting and the school overall.  

  • Philosophy:Alexsander Academy`s philosophy is the foundation of success we strive for with ALL of our students.  The environment is collaborative and supportive with a focus on students feeling successful, but also in making sure to build independence with an ability to move to the next level.  Parents are fully participating members of the team.  Because of this, it is important that parents are able to feel comfortable with the approach of high, but reasonable expectations we have for our students in their social, emotional, and independence growth as well as their academic growth and confidence.  Alexsander Academy functions like a community with students helping each other in their growth, the school building the foundation for strong peer relationships, and support for and between families as well. 

  • Schedule:The school day runs Monday Friday from 9:30 2:30.  The high school program hours are 9 3.  Before and after care as well as after school tutoring is available.  Students work on math, language arts, reading comprehension and fluency, science and social studies during the school day.  The students also participate in field trips, physical education, and art. The academic curriculum is based on the standards set by the Georgia Department of Education but is tailored to the needs of each individual student.   Summer academic sessions are also offered.  Students, per teacher recommendation, are highly encouraged to participate in summer sessions or tutoring to maintain skills over the summer break.  Once current and incoming student slots are filled, any additional openings for summer sessions are offered to students that do not attend Alexsander Academy during the regular school year.  Please contact the school office for information on summer sessions or tutoring services if interested. High school credits may be earned during summer session. 

  • Admissions:While Alexsander Academy is designed to serve students that learn best in a small classroom, the school is NOT equipped to serve students with aggressive behaviors.  All students must be able to be in a classroom environment.  Alexsander Academy will be happy to refer students who need greater support on a regular basis than we can provide to other programs that may be a better fit for their needs. School tours are held weekly.  An appointment is needed to ensure your spot on tour days. Students are encouraged to join their parents on tour days. After the school tour, parents may also schedule a day to observe a class in progress.  Application paperwork can be found on the website and additional paperwork may be given through the school office if needed.  The application fee is $200.00. If the student is accepted the yearly $50 supply fee for that school year will be waived as part of the application fee.  The prospective student will meet with school staff for informal placement testing.  The application paperwork must be filled out completely and returned to the school along with the application fee before the application testing can be scheduled.  This testing is designed to allow the staff to get to know the student and is done in a relaxed setting.  We encourage parents to provide any information they can to help the staff make the student feel as comfortable as possible. After the testing is done parents will receive a write up of what was found during the application testing along with information on enrollment should the student be offered placement at Alexsander Academy. All pieces of the admission process are taken into consideration when making the decision to offer placement. School staff is available and happy to answer any questions parents may have about the program.   

  • Tuition for the 2019-2020 School Year  
  • "High school" Program-----.$19,500 until May 1st--..$20,500 after May 1st 
  • "Inclusion" Program-----.$15,000 until May 1st--..$15,500 after May 1st 
  • "Small group" program---...$18,500 until May 1st--..$19,500 after May 1st
  • "Small group plus" Program-...$23,500 until May 1st--..$24,500 after May 1st
  •  "Transition" program 3 to 1 ratio...$27,500 until May 1st--..$29,500 after May 1st 

  • Waiting list  Limited spaces are available as the school has a maximum number of students enrolled each year.  If a classroom opening is not available at the time of application, the student will be placed on a waiting list to guarantee placement if space becomes available. A deposit is required to hold a place in any classroom.     Payments and Funding AssistanceA deposit is required to hold a student`s place in a classroom.  No place will be held until the deposit is received.  Deposits paid are non refundable.  Contracts must be received in a reasonable period of time to ensure placement and avoid loss of deposit and place in a classroom.  Tuition can be paid all at once for a 3% discount or can be paid monthly.  Parents must provide post dated checks at the time of the signing of the contract or credit card information for billing of payments ( credit card payments require a 3% fee on top of tuition to cover merchant fees).  For students that qualify for the SB10 (Special needs Scholarship) the projected SB10 amount from the award sheet is deducted from the total tuition due.  The balance is due from the parent. Alexsander Academy offers many programs to try to help parents with the cost of tuition.  Alexsander Academy is approved by the Georgia Department of Education to accept the Special Needs Scholarship (SB10 funding).  Alexsander Academy also provides scholarships from HB1133 funding, which is a program in the state of Georgia that allows taxpayers and corporations to support scholarship programs for schools like ours by giving donors a dollar for dollar tax credit for donations made to approved scholarship organizations.   Alexsander Academy is pleased to also be able to offer additional scholarships the Gerald Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Marcia Lynn Sandler Memorial Scholarship fund.  In house scholarship programs are provided to help families with specific needs such as having more than one child with special needs, being a single parent, or not being eligible for the state funded scholarship programs. To learn more about the tax credit scholarship program as well as the other scholarship funds, please contact Stefanie Smith, Executive Director, at Alexsander Academy offers an extra incentive to parents who are looking for other ways to reduce tuition costs.  Alexsander Academy will take 1/3 of all fundraising/donation money parents bring into the school off of their child`s tuition.  For example, if a parent raises $3,000 for Alexsander Academy, their child`s tuition will be reduced by $1,000. We will also pay parents 10% of the funds for any grant they are able to secure for the school.  In addition, Alexsander Academy offers a referral discount. Parents who refer a student that is accepted into Alexsander Academy will receive a $500 credit on their child`s account.  If interested in these or other programs to help reduce tuition please get specific information from Stefanie Smith, Executive Director. THIS INFORMATION APPLIES TO THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  PLEASE CONTACT SCHOOL STAFF FOR ANY QUESTIONS. 

  • Alexsander Academy is a non profit and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin or religious preference.
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    Special Education School
    Grades: NS-12 | 59 students
    20.6 miles
    660 Davis Rd
    Lawrenceville, GA 30046
    (678) 442-6262
    20.6 NS-12

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