Best 12839 New York Private Schools (2023)

For the 2023 school year, there are 2 private schools serving 12 students in 12839, NY (there are 6 public schools, serving 2,525 public students). 0% of all K-12 students in 12839, NY are educated in private schools (compared to the NY state average of 14%).
100% of private schools in 12839, NY are religiously affiliated (most commonly Baptist and Seventh Day Adventist).

Private Schools in 12839, NY (2023)

1 1/2 West St
Hudson Falls, NY 12839
(518) 747-5830
Grades: 11
| 1 students
Kingsbury Sda School
(Seventh Day Adventist)
3991 State Route 4
Hudson Falls, NY 12839
(518) 747-4424
Grades: 2-8
| 11 students

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