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Private School Jobs:

Grade 1-2 Teacher
Saint Therese Classical Academy - Chester - NY
Posted on Sat., April 29, 2017
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: $15 per hour
Education requirements: Early Childhood or Teaching Degree
Starting date: Mon., September 04, 2017
Expiration date: Mon., September 04, 2017
Contact: Terri Raciti; 845-610-5288;

Our small Catholic academy is in need of an Early Childhood teacher for a small class of students in grades 1st-2nd. Teaching experience and a gentle approach a must. Montessori experience a plus!

Music Director
Bethel Baptist Christian Academy - Jamestown - NY
Posted on Tue., September 20, 2016
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: TBD
Education requirements: Varied
Expiration date: Wed., September 20, 2017
Contact: Sarah Wilkins; 716-484-7420;

We are currently looking for a music director. Contact the school for more details.

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