Top New York Private School Jobs

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Top Private School Jobs (2020)

Per Diem Substitutes - 2019/2020 School Year
Long Beach Catholic Regional School - Long Beach - NY
Posted on Mon., August 26, 2019
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: $90/day
Education requirements: Education Degree
Expiration date: Wed., August 26, 2020
Contact: Kerry Kahn; (516)432-8900;

LBCRS is seeking to expand our pool of substitutes for the new school year. Please send your resume and contact information to Mrs. Kerry Kahn at the email listed.

Early Childhood Educator
Pono - New York - NY
Posted on Tue., July 09, 2019
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: Based on experience and degree. Health insurance provided.
Education requirements: Early Childhood Certification
Expiration date: Thu., July 09, 2020
Contact: Maysaa Bazna;

We are looking for candidates who hold an early childhood certification and have experience teaching children ages 2 to 3 years old, or children ages 4 to 6. Candidates who are balanced, energetic, a child at heart, interested in nontraditional educational philosophies, and who have a strong background in the RIE approach, special education, music, art, dance, humane education, or who speak a foreign language (especially Arabic, Spanish, or Japanese) are encouraged to apply.

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