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Montessori Children's House Assistant Teacher
Glen Montessori School - Pittsburgh - PA
Posted on Tue., December 05, 2017
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: 12/hr
Education requirements: Associates
Expiration date: Wed., December 05, 2018
Contact: Jessica Rumbaugh; 4123184885;

Summary of Position: The Glen Montessori School assistant teacher understands and promotes the school`s mission and the Montessori Method. The assistant teacher is responsible for aiding the teacher in providing a Montessori program that supports the individual needs of each child in accordance with the values of the school. Assistant teachers are in the classrooms for 7.25 hours per day. The assistant teacher must be able to lift a child of up to 35lbs. Planning, Preparation and Instruction The assistant teacher prepares materials and replenishes items needed for instruction at the direction of the teacher. These materials support the development of the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual growth of the child. The assistant teacher is responsible to the teacher and will assist in establishing and maintaining a harmonious classroom community. The assistant teacher works with the teacher to support children in their learning and understanding of the Montessori materials. The assistant teacher must be informed and carry out the duties assigned by the teacher. The assistant teacher will help in establishing and maintaining Montessori classroom culture, paying particular attention to the needs of students. The assistant teacher will show lessons to students when directed by the teacher. The assistant teacher must follow the lesson plans and record keeping system established by the teacher. Classroom Environment/ Management The assistant teacher is responsible for preparing an environment that meet the developmental needs of the children. The assistant teacher will work to ensure that the classroom environment is well stocked, organized, neat and clean. Every item in the Montessori environment must have a place and the assistant teacher helps to maintain that order. The assistant teacher is responsible for maintaining an environment which the furnishings and materials are complete and correspond to the needs of the group; for keeping a clear, orderly, and attractive Montessori environment, including the care and maintenance of classroom materials and equipment; for communicating the needs for the classroom in accordance with the policies of The Glen. The assistant teacher contributes to an environment that demonstrates rapport with, respect and kindness for, all students as well as between students. The assistant teacher models and teaches conflict resolution and problem solving strategies in the classroom. The assistant teacher should inform the teacher of any classroom difficulties, including discipline, health, equipment needs, repair and maintenance. The assistant teacher is responsible for the safety of the children in his/her care until dismissed to a responsible adult. When children are transferred to the care of another adult in the day, such as afterschool, relevant information about the child is communicated to the next adult. The assistant teacher allows the children to be as independent as possible to support their growth and development. The assistant teacher ensures that the physical environment adheres to all health and safety regulations as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare. The classroom program shall also meet accreditation and licensing standards of The Pennsylvania Department of Education, Keystone STARS and the American Montessori Society. The classroom environment is prepared at the end of each day by the assistant teacher for children to enter the next morning. The assistant teacher places the child`s needs and the child`s safety first. Communication The assistant teacher is responsible for communication that supports an understanding of the school`s program, develops positive relationships within the school community, and protects the privacy and confidentiality of each student and family in the school community. The assistant teacher is professional and positive in all communication with children and parents. The assistant teacher shares all information from parents with the teacher. The assistant teacher must communicate regularly with the teacher regarding goals for the classroom and individual children so that the assistant teacher can work collaboratively toward those goals. The assistant teacher participates in school functions, including, but not limited to Open Houses, Fundraisers, Potlucks, and Parent Orientation and Education. The assistant teacher works with the teacher to facilitate successful parent/ teacher conferences. Assistant teachers are responsible for assisting in conference preparation and for supervising children signed up for Day Camp Days. Assistant teachers must report any suspicious marks or unacceptable behavior to the mandated child health agency and/ or Program Director, and the Head of School immediately. Professional Responsibility The assistant teacher is involved in ongoing self-assessment and refinement of practice in the classroom as well as collaborative professional growth, especially in the Montessori Method. The assistant teacher participates in a regular evaluation process including classroom observations, feedback, conferences, and an annual self-evaluation toward goals set by the teacher and the Head of School. The assistant teacher maintains his/her teaching skills and participates in professional development activities (both within The Glen and in the larger professional community). The assistant teacher participates in collegial activities designed to make the entire school a productive learning environment, such as department and whole staff meetings. It is expected that assistant teachers attend all scheduled meetings and professional days. The assistant teacher participates and shares information from professional development activities with colleagues to benefit the entire learning community. The assistant teacher must demonstrate a willingness to learn about Montessori philosophy. The assistant teacher participates in school wide events including, but not limited to open houses, parent education nights, orientation, and fundraisers. Sometimes these events will be outside of normal work hours. The assistant teacher represents The Glen with a positive attitude in all written and verbal communication. The assistant teacher demonstrates flexibility in demonstrating that the needs of the children supersede his/ her needs. The assistant teacher maintains the necessary training hours for DPW, Keystone STARS and NAEYC and is willing to share his/ her knowledge with the entire faculty. The assistant teacher must be able to work as part of a team. Related Duties The assistant teacher assists and maintains documentation relating to students and the classroom. The assistant teacher is responsible for adhering to all the guidelines and policies established in the Employee Handbook. The assistant teacher is responsible for furthering his/her professional knowledge by referring questions to the lead teacher. The assistant teacher will meet regularly with the lead teacher and document the meetings and the topics covered. The assistant teacher will adhere to the expectations set by the lead teacher, the Program Director and the Head of School.

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