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Top Private School Jobs (2021-22)

Communications Coordinator
Commonwealth School - Boston - MA
Posted on Wed., August 11, 2021
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: $43,000
Education requirements: Bachelor's Degree Preferred
Expiration date: Thu., August 11, 2022
Contact: (617) 266-7525;

Commonwealth School is a warm and vibrant academic community, dedicated to educating young people from diverse backgrounds to become knowledgeable, thoughtful, and creative adults, capable of careful analysis, fruitful cooperation, responsible leadership, and deep commitment. The Communications Coordinator plays an integral role in this mission, supporting the daily communications and administrative functions that help Commonwealth deliver a premier education for grades 9-12. This position is responsible for the creation, distribution, and maintenance of content for the internal and external communications across all digital and print platforms. ***Please visit for full job description and application details.***

Middle School Math & Science Teacher
St. Joseph School - Fairhaven - MA
Posted on Thu., July 29, 2021
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: $29,000 - $32,000
Education requirements: Massachusetts teacher license or work toward licensure
Expiration date: Fri., July 29, 2022
Contact: Faith Piazza; (508) 996-1983;

Saint Joseph School, located in Fairhaven, MA is seeking a Middle School Math and Science Teacher. The teacher would be responsible for all lessons in mathematics and science to students in grades 6-8, which will include a middle school homeroom. Candidates must have a Bachelor`s Degree and teacher certification/licensure preferred. Candidates having academic preparation in or experience teaching middle school math and science are preferred. Familiarity with computers and an interest in technology integration in the Math and Science curriculum is essential. Candidates should be committed to academic excellence, team collaboration and must also be able to support the mission of a parish Catholic school. *Develop and document weekly lesson plans consistent with curriculum guidelines *Provide grade appropriate instructional program *Maintain high professional standards consistent with the mission of the school and the teachings of the Catholic Church *Lead students in daily prayer and actively participate and supervise students during religious services and activities *Responsible for the safety and active supervision of students at all times and must have the necessary classroom management skills to supervise adolescents *Implement lesson plans, utilizing techniques to motivate, challenge and engage students *Establish reasonable standards for student achievement, updating electronic grade book weekly *Interact effectively and respond to all parent communication in a professional, empathetic and timely manner *Interpret student performance data to form instruction and introduce intervention strategies to support student achievement *Participate in faculty meetings, retreats, school committees and in-service learning opportunities *Participate in the active supervision of students at all times to include dismissal, recess, after school extra help for students, etc. *Work collaboratively with other teachers, staff and administration *Actively participate in on going embedded professional development and professional learning communities Candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume to: Faith Piazza, Principal, via E-mail or Fax 508-996-1983. If contacted for an interview, candidates will also be asked to submit 4 letters of reference, and - if offered a position - candidates will need to supply a Pastor`s or Priest`s certification of an active and appropriate faith life and successfully complete a Criminal Background Check including fingerprinting. References should speak to the candidate`s ability to be a dynamic educator with leadership potential; his/her eagerness and enthusiasm in working effectively with capable young people at this level; and to his or her ability to work collaboratively with adult colleagues.

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