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Resident Teacher
Compositive Primary, Preschool - 5th Gd
Posted on Wed., October 19, 2022
Starting date: Immediately
Expiration date: Thu., October 19, 2023

Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: 40,000
Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree
Contact Information:

Are you... ? Creative, flexible, and innovative? ? Collaborative, reflective, and resilient? ? Driven by a commitment to change the status quo in education? ? Passionate about empowering children to make a difference in the world? Do you want to... ? Cultivate wonder and joy in learning? ? Collaborate with others to start a small, innovative school? ? Facilitate inquiry in primary students? ? Design curriculum that inspires and excites while meeting the needs of each child? ? Work hard, receive feedback, grow, and learn? ? Collaborate with and learn from an experienced lead teacher? Do you have... ? A deep belief that every child can thrive? ? A commitment to inquiry-based curriculum ? An attitude that exemplifies teamwork and personal responsibility ? A commitment to building and maintaining a strong, positive culture of learning and achievement, well-being, and belonging ? Excellent written and verbal communication skills Compositive Primary, a new school serving three-year-olds through 5th grade, located on the Fitzsimons Innovation Campus in Aurora, Colorado, is seeking exceptional educators. Compositive Primary`s mission is to educate students to live lives of personal excellence. The school''s unique model is organized around the integration of four domains: cognition, character, health and well-being, and seeks to cultivate every child`s capacity to reflect and learn, recognize and act, care and connect, and engage and serve. This integrated and personalized education places the child at the center of the learning process. Educators facilitate student growth and development and work in collaboration with each other, with families, and with the community. Curriculum is inquiry based and thematic. The student to teacher ratio is nine to one, and classrooms will be organized in multi-age groups. Resident Responsibilities: ? Contribute to a positive school culture through connections with students, faculty, and families ? Collaborate with fellow teachers and administrators to develop inquiry-based curricula that develop in students the capacity to reflect and learn, recognize and act, care and connect, and engage and serve ? Foster a positive learning environment in all areas, demonstrating dedication to instilling joy in learning for all students ? Ensure that every child feels seen and heard and has a sense of belonging ? Together with Lead Teacher, actively monitor, record, and communicate individual progress made by every child ? Collaborate and communicate effectively with parents, colleagues, and all members of the school community ? Serve as a steward for school support, managing classroom budgets and respecting resources ? Participate in all aspects of school programming and activities ? Work to uphold the mission, vision, and goals of the school ? Other duties as assigned Qualifications: ? An unyielding commitment to upholding our guiding principles and a firm belief in our school`s vision and mission ? Some teaching experience at the early childhood level preferred ? Bachelor`s degree required ? Background in inquiry-based curriculum preferred This position is designed for less experienced teachers who want a chance to work with a lead mentor teacher. Competitive salary and benefits packages commensurate with experience.

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