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Top Private School Jobs (2020-21)

MS STEM and Programming Teacher
Boulder Country Day - Boulder - CO
Posted on Mon., September 28, 2020
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: Depending
Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree required; focus in educational technology, STEM or similar field preferred
Expiration date: Fri., October 15, 2021
Contact: Dan Welch;

Teaching and Curriculum Responsibilities Include (but not limited to): Teach 6th-8th grade STEM classes, integrating design thinking and coding skills using the IB MYP Design framework Teach 6th-8th grade media arts classes (video production, graphic design, etc.) Teach 6th-8th grade introductory technology classes that "explore" a variety of applications (17 days each - previous offerings have included digital media, graphic design, robotics, etc.) Develop and regularly update an engaging, innovative, forward-thinking 6th-8th grade programming, STEM, and technology "explore" curriculum Foster and support cross-curricular integration of STEM and programming Model lifelong learning and innovation via participation in PLNs and engagement with EdTech publications; allow active learning to inform curricula development and evolution Update and maintain all Innovation Lab hardware, software, and supplies Research and make recommendations to the Technology Director regarding future Innovation lab upgrades and additions Interest in facilitating an after-school LEGO Robotics program (FIRST LEGO League) a plus Advisory responsibilities include supporting students with daily meetings and having three parent teacher conferences a year

Substitute Teacher
Southeast Christian School - Parker - CO
Posted on Thu., July 23, 2020
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: $13.5/hour
Education requirements: Bachelor's Degree, teaching experience preferred
Expiration date: Sat., January 01, 2022
Contact: Heather Klusek; (720) 842-5656;

Southeast Christian School is looking to add Substitute Teachers to the 2020-2021 school year. This position is dedicated to the spiritual and academic development of our students on a limited time/substitute basis. This teacher is called upon to help students see, understand and appreciate how God moves within this academic discipline(s). This person is also called to help establish a Christ-centered environment, provide students with an example of Christian love toward God and others, and help nurture and develop our students` relationships with Jesus Christ. Qualifications: Strong academic background, a Bachelor`s Degree in education preferred. Experience teaching in a classroom is a plus. Responsibilities Work with existing curriculum to nurture and develop each student`s relationship with Jesus Christ. Teach classes in accordance with regular teacher`s curriculum. Work closely with same grade team teacher. Maintain professional attitude and appearance. If you are interested, please reach out to Heather Klusek for more information.

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