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Top Private School Jobs (2019-20)

Infant/Toddler/Childcare Teacher
Our Lady Of Bethlehem School & Childcare - Columbus - OH
Posted on Mon., October 29, 2018
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: $10-$12/hour
Education requirements: Experience with young children and/or degree in Early Childhood
Expiration date: Tue., October 29, 2019
Contact: Lauren Harrington; (614)459-8285;

About: OLB is looking to fill a full or part-time position for our Infant, Toddler and Childcare program. This position would also be considered a float position if a full-time position is accepted where help is needed in our Infant, Toddler and School age programs. This position, both full and part time, requires availability during the week. Candidates should expect to open at least 1 day a week at 6:45am and to at least close 1 day a week at 6:00pm, but is not limited to this. Responsibility: Care for the students in your group, monitoring of activity and group ratio, assisting in the design of lesson plans that go with the week or month theme, daily cleaning, helping with crafts, help with restroom breaks, indoor and outdoor activities such as recess, assisting children during lunch, assisting children during restroom breaks if needed, naps and more. Requirements: We are looking for candidates that have charisma, enthusiasm and a passion to educate young children. Previous experience with ages birth through five is highly preferred but not required.

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