Top Maryland Private School Jobs

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Top Private School Jobs (2018-19)

Assistant Teacher
The Goddard School - Columbia - MD
Posted on Tue., January 22, 2019
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: Based on education and experience
Education requirements: High School Diploma, 90 hour certification, Associates/Bachelors Degree
Expiration date: Wed., January 22, 2020
Contact: Gina Jesneck; (410)531-1511;

Currently hiring reliable, nurturing teachers to support education of preschool children. Email indicating your interest and include your resume.

Preschool Teacher
Starmarker School Early Education Wildwood - California - MD
Posted on Wed., July 18, 2018
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: Competitive
Education requirements: 90 hour preschool certificate or associates degree in early childhood
Expiration date: Thu., July 18, 2019

Preschool Teacher job description Starmaker School has been serving the community for over 25 years with Montessori-based classrooms for children infants through elementary. We are seeking preschool teachers to join our school! The teachers will plan and present age appropriate activities for children as well as support faculty. Responsibilities: ?? Plan and conduct an effective child development program to meet the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of each child ?? Ensure that child care routines are carried out in a manner that is prompt, hygienic, and consistent with good child development principles. This includes routines related to diapering, hand washing, eating, napping and transitioning between activities. ?? Ensure the safety of children through constant supervision and a prepared environment. ?? Create a fun and safe learning environment. ?? Develop schedules and routines to ensure adequate physical activity, rest, and playtime. ?? Establish and maintain positive relationships with students and parents. ?? Communicate with parents on students'' growth and progress. ?? Maintain the health and safety of all students. Qualifications: ?? 90 Hour preschool certificate or EDU 1012 and EDU 1013 ?? Passionate about working with children ?? Ability to build rapport with children ?? Positive and patient demeanor ?? Excellent written and verbal communication skills

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