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Top Private School Jobs (2022)

Lead Preschool Teacher
Priest Lake Christian Academy
Posted on Wed., July 27, 2022
Starting date: Immediately
Expiration date: Thu., July 27, 2023

Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: Compensation is commensurate with experience
Education requirements: High School Graduate with working experience in preschool, childcare, or early childhood development.
Contact Information: Dr. Terri Frelix; (615) 366-1423;

Experienced Preschool Teacher Educational Background Required: *High School Graduate *Teacher possesses working Experience in Preschool, childcare, or early childhood development. *Willing to complete additional classes, training, and other requirements to work towards certification through the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools (TACS) and the Department of Education *The teacher has a working knowledge of preschool curricula Recommended Background *The teacher possesses a degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, or completion in progress. Spiritual Requirements: *The teacher has a growing Christian calling to teach and is willing to overcome obstacles with a passionate desire to do the will of the Lord by teaching in a Christian school. *Agrees with the mission and vision of Priest Lake Christian Academy. *Have a willingness and determination to abide by our mission statement. *Be willing to accept correction and make adjustments to succeed in the mission. *Be an active church member and maintain your Christian character. *Able to pass an initial and later follow-up Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) background check and all other subsequent background checks. Compensation is commensurate with experience Roles and Responsibilities: Guidance: The Preschool teacher will encourage the growth and development of the young children. Assist with the training of each child; promote understanding and Christian character. Help the children to learn how to respect authority and to follow directions. Management Guidelines: Maintains a clean, attractive, and manageable classroom with consistent routines is essential. The teacher prepares and submits lesson plans in advance to the director. The teacher models loving classroom behavior and sets the expectations for Christian conduct. Evaluate student progress; maintain written progress records and accurate school records. ?? The preschool teacher will prepare and report on the development of each child. ?? The preschool teacher''''s responsibility is to supervise and comfort the children. Instructional Duties It is the preschool teacher''''s responsibility to establish routines, a daily schedule, and loving discipline. The teacher will prepare creative activities that coordinate with the A Beka curriculum. Games and outdoor activities should be developmentally appropriate, inclusive, and engaging. The activities and teaching program should be developmentally appropriate. Instructional Duties Continued: The preschool teacher must be able to supervise the children lovingly. The teacher will discuss the children''''s progress with other teachers and parents. The teacher will address the interests and needs of the children by adapting the available teaching methods and obtaining additional materials to help achieve success. The teacher will promote early education and literacy through reading and classroom activities. The classroom supplies, equipment, and materials should be maintained and safely stored by the preschool teacher. Supervision Effectively oversee the learning process in the classroom. ?? Promotes a well-rounded learning environment by checking for areas of weakness and providing appropriate assistance. ?? Supervise students during bathroom breaks, lunch, recess, and other designated school activities. ?? Helps to maintain the age-appropriate ratio for their group of children. Professional Assignments and Related Duties Maintains an uplifting attitude that supports the overall mission of Priest Lake Christian Academy. The teacher must have an excellent attendance record and be punctual. The teacher maintains punctual attendance at school, meetings, and programs. Participates in and supervises assigned programs and school activities.Maintains a clean, safe, and nurturing classroom and school. Uphold teaching as your calling and fulfill your duties to God in the ministry. Willing and able to work with a team of co-workers; setting a model example of a professional Christian educator. Communication Provides accurate, timely written information to parents, students, and administration on student progress or deficiencies. The teacher can address parent, student, or volunteer concerns and document actions. Represents the school in a positive Christian manner. Requirements: The preschool teacher must be willing to abide by our mission statement. The teacher must be physically able to attend to the children''''s basic needs, assisting with daily exercise, basic toileting, serving and supervising lunch, and nap time (setting up cots and putting them away). In addition, the successful applicant must be able to pass the initial and follow-up Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) criminal background check and vulnerable person''''s registry. Priest Lake Christian Academy is committed to complying fully with the Federal and State laws regarding equal employment opportunities for qualified persons with disabilities. Priest Lake conducts all employment practices and activities on a non-discriminatory basis.

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