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Top Private School Jobs (2021)

Spanish Teacher
Episcopal School Of Nashville - Nashville - TN
Posted on Thu., July 22, 2021
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: Determined by qualifications
Education requirements: bachelor’s degree
Expiration date: Fri., July 22, 2022

The World Languages Program seeks to help students grow in their enjoyment, appreciation, understanding, and fluency of languages; this includes culture, vocabulary, and communication skills. The ideal candidate will be a visionary who is an organized and experienced educator, an excellent communicator, a compassionate team-builder, and an ethical leader focused on student-centered learning. They must be able to work collectively with other faculty and staff, be eager about working with students from diverse backgrounds, and lead and inspire students and colleagues. Maintaining a positive classroom culture is also essential. Responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to: Teach Pre-K through seventh-grade world language classes with an emphasis on vocabulary, culture, and practical use of the language Design and lead student-centered lessons that facilitate both an understanding of the language, in addition to how to speak and write in a meaningful way Coordinate with homeroom teachers in Early Childhood and Lower School and Advisors in Middle School Collaborate with colleagues in all classes to create a cohesive and integrated program Attend faculty meetings and community events outside of school hours

Assistant Principal
St. Matthew Catholic School - Franklin - TN
Posted on Wed., November 11, 2020
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: negotiable
Education requirements: College Degree
Expiration date: Thu., November 11, 2021
Contact: Tim Forbes; (615) 662-4044;

Saint Matthew School is a Catholic elementary school serving 467 students in grade Pre K-8th grade. It resides in beautiful Williamson County, located in the Diocese of Nashville. The school is looking for an individual to serve as the assistant principal. Duties would include student behavior, student life, and management of the faculty. The assistant principal would work closely with the Director of Academic Instruction and the Principal to implement the mission and vision of the school. Experience as an administrator is preferred, but not required. For more information, please contact the principal, Tim Forbes, at

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