Top Texas Private School Jobs

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Top Private School Jobs (2020-21)

Care Taker
Children's Hour Montessori - Houston - TX
Posted on Wed., July 22, 2020
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: $10/hr
Education requirements: HS Diploma
Expiration date: Thu., July 22, 2021
Contact: Laura Tran;

Loving care taker to lend a helping hand to all classrooms so we can ensure to give the children and families the safest and most engaging experience daily!

OCBF Careers
Kingdom Collegiate Academies | DeSoto Campus - Desoto - TX
Posted on Sat., November 23, 2019
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: -
Education requirements: -
Expiration date: Thu., December 31, 2020

Email us at, fax us at 214-672-9168 or mail or drop off to us at: Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Attn: Human Resources 1808 W. Camp Wisdom Road Dallas, TX 75232

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