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Top Private School Jobs (2023)

Substitue/Specials Teacher
New Hope Christian Academy Big Spring
Posted on Wed., May 17, 2023
Starting date: Mon., August 21, 2023
Expiration date: Fri., May 17, 2024

Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: $15-$20/hr DOE
Education requirements: High School Graduate but a College Degree preferred
Contact Information: Amber Weldon;

Throughout the year we have teachers who need to be out, or events where we will need additional support. We also offer specials and are always looking for teachers who can take on teaching for that time slot. We prefer people with college classes and/or experience working in education. Please contact us to learn more about the job.

Middle School Math Teacher
Westview School
Posted on Tue., May 16, 2023
Starting date: Mon., August 07, 2023
Expiration date: Thu., May 16, 2024

Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: $61,350
Education requirements: Bachelors Degree in Mathematics or Education
Contact Information: Bevan Koch; (713) 973-1900;

The Westview School seeks a dedicated and experienced math teacher who is responsible for teaching all elements of the math program to students in middle school. The teacher will also teach social skills to students in his/her homeroom and work closely with the other middle school teachers. The ideal candidate will display a passion for working with students, a gift for inspiring young minds, a thorough understanding of effective teaching practices, and the ability to develop engaging and innovative lessons that allow our students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. A minimum BS in Mathematics or Education and a Valid Texas Teacher Certification are required.

Middle School Social Studies teacher
Ilm Academy
Posted on Tue., July 19, 2022
Starting date: Immediately
Expiration date: Wed., July 19, 2023

Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: Competitive to other private schools
Education requirements: Minimum of Bachelor's degree and teacher certification
Contact Information: Tara Turk-Zaafran; (713) 824-2456;

ILM Academy is seeking a charismatic, nurturing, and creative part-time middle school social studies teacher to prepare lesson plans, facilitate student learning, create assessments and evaluate student performance, and supervise students during events and field trips. Teachers MUST have a valid work permit, hold a minimum of a Bachelor''s degree, hold a Texas Educator Certificate or have classroom teaching experience.

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