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Top Private School Jobs (2023)

The Academy For Children
Posted on Wed., January 11, 2023
Starting date: Wed., January 11, 2023
Expiration date: Thu., January 11, 2024

Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: $15 hour
Education requirements: Experience with young children
Contact Information: Marjorie Peacock; (973) 263-1818;

discussed at contact

Part-Time Teachers Wanted - Union (Berkeley Heights)
Posted on Fri., November 05, 2021
Starting date: Immediately
Expiration date: Sun., December 31, 2023

Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: We offer a competitive compensation package
Education requirements: We are looking for subject experts (especially math, sciences, English, language arts, and social studies) with some teaching background, though it need not have been in a school setting. While a sub
Contact Information: Sarah Seeney; (908) 322-0554 Ext. 302;

FlexSchool is hiring part time teachers in New Jersey and New York. If you have a heart for teaching gifted and twice-exceptional students, we are offering an exciting opportunity to be part of our unique approach to delivering quality education. FlexSchool is a fun and challenging learning community for the neuro-diverse. From our founder to our youngest student, we learn from each other and the world every day. Our students are gifted and/or twice-exceptional, meaning they process information differently. The standard school model often doesn`t work well for them. FlexSchool removes the roadblocks to learning and offers individualized support so our students can succeed. We love teachers who live outside the box and think that quirky is beautiful. Much like our students find their tribe when attending FlexSchool, our employees often feel the same. Our staff are open, collaborative, bright, funny, and warm. A common statement made by our teachers is, "I was this kid when I was in school and I wish FlexSchool had existed then!"

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