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Top Private School Jobs (2019-20)

Teacher Assistant
Step By Step Montessori School - Concord - CA
Posted on Wed., January 09, 2019
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: Over average pay
Education requirements: ECE units
Expiration date: Thu., January 09, 2020
Contact: Miss MArzi; (925)825-4364;

To assist a certified teacher in rendering educational services to students, and ensures they enjoy a good learning experience. The teacher assistant`s job description covers taking instructions from the head teacher and helping in grooming students academically, socially and physically.

Spanish Teacher
Star Of The Sea School - San Francisco - CA
Posted on Tue., October 23, 2018
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: $25 per hour
Education requirements: Bachelor's Degree
Expiration date: Wed., October 23, 2019
Contact: David ; (415)221-8558;

We are looking for a part time Spanish teacher for grades 6-8. We are a Catholic school so our ideal candidate would be a practicing Catholic. Experience is preferred.

Head Preschool Teacher
Katherine Michiels School - San Francisco - CA
Posted on Thu., September 20, 2018
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: $60,000
Education requirements: Bachelors degree preferred with a minimum of 12 Early Childhood Education units
Expiration date: Thu., October 31, 2019
Contact: Colleen Mulvey; (415)821-0130;

The Katherine Michiels School (KMS) Preschool Program is looking for an experienced, bright, energetic teacher for our progressive Reggio-Emilia based program. The program serves 16 preschool aged students in a mixed-age classroom environment. In the past 42 years, KMS has taken the lead in developing an academic curriculum where art, music, dance, Spanish language, outdoor education, and creative writing are core to a program that is project-based and specific to each learner. It takes inspiration primarily from the Reggio Emilia Approach but is also influenced by the work of Mel Levine and Bev Boss. The program places a strong emphasis on social, academic, and emotional development. We encourage children to take responsibility for themselves and others and allow them freedom to develop a strong sense of self. In addition, we find that when kids are engaged and involved in the learning process as they are at KMS, learning becomes fun and meaningful for them. Please look at to further understand our mission and core values.

Office Clerk/Montessori Substitute Teacher
Montessori Harbor Mesa School - Costa Mesa - CA
Posted on Wed., July 18, 2018
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: We will discuss in person.
Education requirements: H.S. Diploma, Acquired 12 ECE units
Expiration date: Sun., August 31, 2025
Contact: Mrs. Giuliana DeFrenza;

File Documents Prepare newsletters Answer phone calls and write down detailed messages Answer emails Relay messages to the school''s Director Substitute a teacher''''s class once in awhile Requirements: -Montessori teaching experience or Montessori Certified (preferably age 2 though 12, but not required) -Acquired at least 12 ECE units -Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite

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