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Top Private School Jobs (2018-19)

Friendship Christian School - Cumming - GA
Posted on Thu., January 24, 2019
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: 24,000 +
Education requirements: BA EDU
Starting date: Mon., July 29, 2019
Expiration date: Tue., December 31, 2019
Contact: Rick Johnson; (678)845-0418 Ext. 308;

Elementary education position High school Math position

Substitute Teacher
Covenant Christian School - Smyrna - GA
Posted on Tue., September 11, 2018
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: Please inquire for more information.
Education requirements: Please inquire for more information.
Expiration date: Sat., June 01, 2019
Contact: Dr Robert Barber; (770)435-1596;

We are looking to build our substitute teacher list. Teachers may be called and scheduled in advance or at the last minute. You may define your availability.

Science and Mathematics Teacher
Academe Of The Oaks - Decatur - GA
Posted on Mon., April 23, 2018
Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: n/a
Education requirements: advanced degree
Starting date: Wed., August 01, 2018
Expiration date: Sat., June 15, 2019
Contact: Eva Handschin; (404)405-2173;

Academe of the Oaks seeks a full-time Science and Math teacher for grades 9-12 for the 2018-2019 school year. We are a Waldorf high school located in Decatur, Georgia. We are a progressive Waldorf high school with a strong global and environmental focus offering the rigorous and well balanced Waldorf curriculum. We require an advanced degree related to teaching Earth Science or Biology. Candidates should have high school teaching experience and a genuine interest in deepening their knowledge and understanding of Waldorf high school education.

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