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Top Private School Jobs (2021)

Middle School Volleyball Coach
Christian Fellowship School - Columbia - MO
Posted on Tue., July 21, 2020
Job type: Contract
Estimated salary: $500
Education requirements: At least 60 hours of college credit.
Expiration date: Thu., September 30, 2021
Contact: Justin Cornell; (573) 445-8565;

Christian Fellowship School Middle School Volleyball Coach Experience at playing and/or coaching volleyball at a competitive level. At least 60 hours of college credit. Skilled at organizing practices, game strategies, and other team management responsibilities. Able to effectively communicate with players, parents, and school administration. Personally mature, responsible, and dependable. Effective in working with high school players. Spiritually mature and able to model Christian character and discipleship. This is a part-time, seasonal position from August through October. Availability would be required for after-school practices and evenings and some Saturday games. This position receives a stipend of $500 for the season. Christian Fellowship School is a small, private Christian school in Columbia, MO and is a member of the Missouri Christian Schools Athletic Association. All employees, including coaches, must be in agreement with a basic, evangelical Christian statement of faith. Please contact Justin Cornell or Kim Thoma at 573-445-8565 for more information. 4600 Christian Fellowship Rd Columbia, Missouri 65203

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