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Content Strategist
Pembroke Hill School
Posted on Thu., August 17, 2023
Starting date: Immediately
Expiration date: Sat., August 17, 2024

Job type: Full Time
Estimated salary: Will Be Provided
Education requirements: Bachelor's Degree
Contact Information: Melissa Wise;

ummary The Pembroke Hill Communications team is responsible for the internal and external voice of this highly recognized independent school. The Content Strategist will expand the footprint of the school through a focus on exceptional storytelling and build relationships through deep listening in order to advance the mission of Pembroke Hill. Serving on the communications team requires the ability to work in a fast-paced, team environment that is in constant pursuit of excellence. We aspire to create beautiful, captivating stories through print and digital media and connect those stories to our broad base of students, parents, faculty and staff, and alumni. The Content Strategist is not afraid of a blank page and holds the ability to listen and re-articulate key messages, phrases and storylines on behalf of the school and its leaders. As a focused writer, you will partner with school leaders to connect key points and ideas across constituency groups as well as lead the development of communication plans. In partnership with the director of communications and members of the communications, advancement and admissions teams, you will also develop strategies for engaging opportunities to engage constituent groups, highlight students'' accomplishments, and advance the mission of Pembroke Hill. Essential Duties and Responsibilities

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