Best Bedford County Private High Schools (2021)

For the 2021 school year, there are 5 private high schools serving 217 students in Bedford County, PA.
The best top ranked private high schools in Bedford County, PA include Allegheny Valley Christian School, Christian Light School and Foundations Christian Academy.
100% of private high schools in Bedford County, PA are religiously affiliated (most commonly Mennonite and Christian).

Top Private High Schools in Bedford County (2021)

Allegheny Valley Christian School
1461 Shawnee Rd
Schellsburg, PA 15559
(814) 977-7782
Grades: 1-11
| 27 students
Christian Light School
128 Christian Light Rd
Bedford, PA 15522
(814) 623-9445
Grades: 1-11
| 31 students
Foundations Christian Academy
377 Upper Snake Spring Road
Everett, PA 15537
(814) 623-2840
Grades: PK-12
| 78 students
Friends Cove Mennonite School
4791 Main Rd
Bedford, PA 15522
(814) 847-9332
Grades: 1-10
| 38 students
Woodbury Mennonite School
752 Hickory Bottom Rd
Woodbury, PA 16695
(814) 766-3511
Grades: 1-10
| 43 students

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