West Valley Christian School

  • Since 1978, West ValleyChristianSchoolandsummercamphasbeeneducatingstudentspreschoolthroughhighschool.Ourenrollment in2013 and 2014has nettedover100newstudentswithcapacityenrollment in ourpreschool,7thand8thgrade.WestValleyChristian SchoolisbestknownforournurturingChristianteachers,databasedacademicinstruction,theaterarts,sportsprograms,andbeautifulcampusfeaturing a 9000squarefootgymandbeautifulauditorium.
  • Webelieveour schooloffersthemostexciting,innovative,andinspirationaleducationalexperiencethatyoucould everwish foryourchild. Itgives us agreat senseofpride tointroducetheprogramsthat haveattractedstudentswithnaturalfreshtalent,creative ideas,and astrongworkethic.Reading,writing,andarithmetic arenecessarycomponentsofa goodeducation,buttomorrow`sleaders willneed more.Theywillneedstrongcommunicationandcollaborationskills.
  • Theymustbecapableofindependentthought,relyingupontheirimaginationandcreativity tosolve problems.Andthey willneedtheskillstounderstand and engagewithaglobalcommunity.Toensureacommitment tothemostrigorouseducationalprogramwearereplacing the outdatednormsofStanfordachievementtestswiththeCTC McGraw-Hill TerraNovaandCommonCoreAssessmentTests.Wearenot using Common Core curriculumbutweareabletomeasureourstudents withthestandards.Tofurtherourcommitmenttoexcellence, our schoolwillcontinuetobeaccreditedby WASC,keepclass sizes, allowstudentstousetheirownone-to-onetablets,and will continuetoteachwithiPadsandinteractiveboards.Ourcampusfacilitiesincludenewbuildings,spaciousplaygrounds,greenspace,securitycameras,gatedentrance,nutritionalfood,computerlab,library,performingartsauditoriumand a 9,000 sq.ft.gym withweightroom.See howourprograms haveattracted thebeststudents,athletesandartiststocome to WestHills,California.
  • ThecurrentPastorandfounder oftheschoolGlennKirby, wanted this schoolto be"ForChristandHisKingdom."Forover 35 years WVCShasbeendedicatedtoeducationwhere Godiscentral; today'schallengeisnurturinggrowthinourstudentstowards our mission:Toprovideexcellenceineducationtoourstudents and to inspire eachoneof themtoseekChristandHisKingdom. Whether you are lookingforaschoolforyourchildorlooking for anopportunitytoinvestintomorrow`sleaderswewelcome yoursupportaswepursueexcellenceinChristianeducation.

School Overview

School Membership(s)School Assoc. Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)
Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
Religious Affiliation Christian
Grades Offered Grades Prekindergarten-8
Year Founded 1978

Student Body

Total Students 340 students
Student Body Type Co-ed
% Students of Color
State avg.: 43%
Students by Grade West Valley Christian School Student By Grade

Academics and Faculty

Total Classroom Teachers 13 teachers
Student : Teacher Ratio 26:1
National avg.: 13:1
% Faculty w/Advanced Degree
Average Class Size 23 students
List of Courses Offered Link to List of Courses
Matriculation DataMatric. Data Link to Matriculation Data
Classroom Dress Code Formal
(School polos required, Khaki/Navy pants, shorts, skirts.)

Finances and Admission

Admission Deadline None / Rolling
Tuition Notes TK/Kindergarten- $5500; Middle school- $8000. 50% of families qualify up to 80% financial assistance
% on Financial Aid
Average Financial Aid Grant $1,600
Acceptance Rate
National avg.: 85%
Admissions Director Maggie Rojas
Admissions Associate Kerri Moore


Total Sports Offered 6 sports
Sports Basketball, Cheering, Flag Football, Soccer, Softball, VolleyballBasketballCheering,
Flag FootballSoccer,


Total ExtracurricularsTotal Extra-curric. 10 extracurriculars
ExtracurricularsExtra-curric. 6th, 8th, Art, Community, Competitve, Leadership, Spiritual, Theater, Three, Velocity 6th, 8th, Art, Community, Competitve, Leadership, Spiritual, Theater, Three, Velocity,

School Notes

  • PRESCHOOL INTRODUCTIONandTKthrough8thGradeINTRODUCTION:1.PreschoolWestValleyChristianPreschoolcampusishometoadynamic,caring,academically-focusedpreschool-kindergartenprogram.Sincemanyofourparentsareenrolling their children inschool forthefirsttime,wework withtheentire family to makesurethatthistransition isapositiveone. It'sour number onepriorityforthechildren in ourcarefeelsafe, secureandvalued.OurPreschool'steachersarehardworking,dedicatedindividualsmanyofwhom havebeen withourschool formuch of theirteachingcareers.Theyaremorethaneducators.Teachers takepartinbuildingself-esteem,instillingmoralvalues,comfortingchildrenwhentheyare feelingdown andimplementingfairstandardsofdiscipline.Theteachers andstaff arecommittedtoestablishingasolidfoundationfortheimpressionableyoungstersentrusted toourcare. Weareprivilegedatthe WestValleyChristian Preschooltohaveaculturallydiversepopulation. Wearevery sensitive, andhavemadeitourbusiness tobecomeeducated,aboutmanyculturaldifferences.Studentsrespecteach otherandenjoylearningabouteach other'suniquefamilytraditionsandculturalbackgrounds.Theearly childhoodyearsarethemostimportant in termsoflearningand growth,andwetakeourresponsibility to helpnurtureourstudentsveryseriously.Inturn,the children inourPreschoolenrich our livesasteachersandstaffand make our campusatrulymagical place. Iinviteyoutovisit ourcampus andexperienceitfor yourself. 2.TK-8thGradeAstrongsense ofcommunityandaccountability ishowmanywoulddescribe ourelementaryandmiddleschool. TK-8thgrade,fostersastrongsenseofcommunity--whereparents,students,teachersandstaffallworktogether toprovideourstudentsawonderfuleducationalexperience.Wehaveabeautiful,well-equippedlearningenvironmentwithoutdoorfieldsandplay areas,amulti-purposeroom,cafeteria,gymnasium,weightroom,changerooms,separate juniorhigheducationalwing,computerlab,science lab,andanewstate-of-the-artlibrary.Moreimportant thanourfacilitiesarethecare andattentionourteachers and staff bringtotheimportantworkthey doofeducatingthe next generation ofleaders.Weareveryproud ofourhighlyqualified andcommittedfacultyandofourdiversifiedcurriculumthat includesart,music,PE,sciencelab,theater arts,yearbook,Spanish, andcomputerscience,alltaughtbyspecialtyinstructors.We have astrongacademicprogramandmanyscholastichonors to ourcredit includingtheuse ofAcuityandIXLassessmentandinstructional resources.Ourschoolalsohasatraditionofathletic excellencewithmanychampionshipstoourcreditincludingrecent titles for bothourgirlsandboyssports.Inkeeping withour mission,weoffermanyopportunitiesforstudentsto gain 21stcenturyskills.Technologyisfullyintegratedintoourclassroomswithstudentsbenefitingfrominteractivewhiteboards,tabletcomputers,andmore.Creativityisencouragedthroughourfully-funded music, dramaandfineartsprogramthatshowcasethreeto four productionseachyearforallages.Studentsdevelopcharacterandstrongleadershipskillsthroughourcharactereducation programcalledKid'sWithCharacter.Andweencourage ourstudents to takeinitiativeandputwhattheylearnintopracticethroughextracurricularactivitieslikeourstudentleadershipprograms.Pleasefeel free toattend anyofourupcomingadmissionsevents orschedule apersonaltouratyourconvenience.Once youexperience ourschool foryourself,Iknowyouwillappreciate theenthusiasm and loveoflearningthatispresentherein West Hills,California. Theschoolbuildsonthelegacybycombining the besttraditions andChristianvaluesofthepastwiththe energy andambition ofthepresent.Withspaciousgroundsandwith access totrulyoutstandingfacilities,allof usatWestValley feel a deepsense ofprivilegetoworkhere.Wearecompletely committedtoprovidingyourchildrenwithaninspiringacademicexperiencewhichisstudent-centeredandstimulating.Wehave adoptedcuttingedgevirtualdesk toptechnologyandawardwinningstudentassessmentsolution toframe whatwe teach.Allofour studentshavetheopportunitytoaccessembeddedinstructionalresourcestoimprovetheir depthofknowledgeintheirgradelevelstandards.Theaward-winningAcuityInFormativeAssessmentsolutionfromCTB/McGraw-Hillhelpseducatorsimmediatelyimpactstudentachievementwithengagingstudentresponsedevices,orclickers.Rapidfeedbackprovidedthrough Acuitygiveseducatorstheabilitytomakequick,data-informedinstructionaldecisionsandsupportaprocessofformativeassessmentandinstruction.Studentsbecomeengagedindirectinstructionbyintegratingleadingtechnologydevices intoourclassrooms.Foundedin1926 to "helptheteacherhelpthechild,"todayCTB/McGraw-Hillranksamongeducation`sleadingassessmentpartners.Ourprogramsandservicesarerecognizedforexcellenceandinnovationandencompassdiagnostic,summative,interimandformative,performance-based,andobservationalassessmentsforlearnersofallages. Stanford,UCLA,UCBerkeley,USC,andPepperdineUniversity.These are a fewnamesthat cometomind whenyouthinkaboutprestigious,highlyacademicandaccomplisheduniversities.Ofall thecollegesanduniversitiesinthe Western Region,only 161havemethigh standardsofqualityandeffectiveness tobecomeaccreditedbytheWesternAssociationofSchools and Colleges,(WASC).It isoneofsixregionalaccreditingassociationsintheUnitedStatesthataccreditsprestigiouscollegesanduniversitiesnamedabove, aswellas juniorcolleges,and K-12schools.WVCS ishonoredtohavereceivedaccreditation byWASC.Aftercompletingarigorousthreeyearself-assessment,committeereviewandevaluation,WVCSreceivedfullaccreditationterm. AsaWASCaccreditedschool,families mayhaveconfidenceinWVCS'spurpose,mission,andeducationalgoals.Accreditationalsoassuresparentsthatourpurposesarebeingaccomplishedthroughavisionaryeducationalprogram.WASCaccreditationcertifiesthatWestValleyChristianSchool isatrustworthy institutionoflearningandvalidatestheintegrityofour school'sprogramasitsupportsstudentlearning.Highlights:Theschoolprovidesarich,well-rounded,challenging,andsequentialcurriculumthatisconstantlyenhanced.Thestaffisdedicated,enthusiastic,andcommitted totheschool'svisionofacademicexcellence. Theschoolleadership teamisdedicatedtotheschool`spurpose andmonitorsthe work of thestafftoensurethatthe programsremaineffectiveandsuccessful.ThevisionaryandpassionateleadershippersonnelinsurethatWVCSprovides arigorousandchallengingacademicprogram.Awholesomeschool culturethatresults inhighmoraleamong staffthatleadstopositiverelationshipswithstudentsandparents.Theresponsivenessof theheadofficeandsiteadministrationtoteacherneedsisimpressive.Highacademicachievement acrosstheentirestudentbodyisachieved. Wecommendthe exceptionallycleanandsafeschool.Apervasive atmosphereofmutualrespectandcommitmenttostudentlearning is established.Theissue isnot somuchwhatistaught,but how it is taughtandourexcellentstaffarerecruitedfor theirpassion,theirenthusiasmandtheirimaginationincommunicatingwith childrentoensure thateverysinglechildintheir classes isengaged,excitedandchallengedbythelearningexperience at alltimes. Weknowthatlearningistooimportant to bespoiled bymediocre deliveryandourstaffisrestlessin their focuson theneedsofindividuals.Simultaneously,wearedeeply committedtoopeningthehearts and mindsof ouryoungpeoplein every way.Webelievethatinstilling a Christcenteredfaithhelpsyoungpeoplelearn howtolive dependent on God intheirjourneyoflife.Ourhighlyregardedone-of-a kindprogramsandouruniquesixexcellenceinitiativesapproach toeducationensuresthatwedevelopthe wholeperson" wefocusspecificallyontheindividualneeds,strengths andtalents of eachandeverystudentandweensurethatouroutstandingextra-curricularprovision,includingsports,arts,clubs,leadershipandchallengeactivities, alladd uptoanholisticChristian education.Wecontinuetoreflectanddevelopall that wedo, staying connectedwithanoutsideworldwhichischanging fasterthan at any timeinthepastbothnationallyandinternationally. Weareimmenselyproudofourachievements andofthe community we arebuilding.We hopetohavetheopportunitytoshare that with you andyourchildren.

Profile last updated: 04/29/2016

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School Reviews

  5.00 out of 5  (12 reviews)
5  5/17/2016
My children have attended West Valley since kindergarten one just graduated 8th grade and the other is in 7th grade. It has been a wonderful experience for them. The staff is very supportive and encouraging. This school has a perfect balance of academics and character development. Try it you won't be disappointed.
- Posted by
5  5/17/2016
Wow! I have never seen a school's newsletter that showcases their school with videos, pictures and narrative text. As a parent I can not only read excellent articles from the admininstration but we can hear about the faculty, student and parent's perspectives. West Valley Chrisitian School's FACEBOOK is loaded with videos and pictures. But the best source to capture all the excitment is their weekly newsletter. If you want a balanced Christitian education where the faculty really care about reaching the heart of the student, without a harsh legalistic tone, come check out this school. The preschool is warm and nurturing, the elementary school is strong academically and the middle school has friendly happy spirit... a place where kids can flourish to be what God designed them to be. We are so grateful for a place that totally supports what we believe in our home. I hope our kids turn out to be like their teachers! My highest compliment!
- Posted by
5  5/17/2016
We love WVCS! Our children are happy, eager to learn and thriving in the Lord's word. We are so grateful to the loving teachers and stall that teach and care for our children!
- Posted by
5  5/17/2016
Award winning educational assessment technology, strong emphasis on math and language arts, teachers who are balanced and trustworthy and an admistrtion that is always striving for excellence. We see our children respecting their teachers and never wanting to leave school... Great friendships! I would recommend checking out their You Tube videos... Preschool, safety, fun, graduations and messages from the administrator - all help me connect with my child's life. You can afford their tuition if you are willing to show that you have financial need. Best school for balanced Christian education. Best event -the school play. Most promising program - sports school for Elite Basketball players. We are proud to be part of the school!
- Posted by
5  5/17/2016
The teachers, staff, and even the parents of students from West Valley Christian School-Elementary have made a profoundly positive and lasting impact on my family. Last year my son was in the hospital battling a rare circumstance and all throughout that painful process my family received constant support, encouragement, and prayer from WVCS staff, and even many of the parents, who unexpectedly volunteered to cook meals for my family to help lessen our stress load during that trying time. WVCS stood with my family as an emotional and spiritual rock until our toddler was finally released from the hospital and brought back home. My son's recovery was a miracle and the love and support from WVCS was equally astounding and healing. We are truly blessed to be a part of the WVCS elementary family!
- Posted by
5  6/14/2013
My son started attending the pre-school in January and he loves it. All the teachers are great, loving and encouraging. I love that my son is learning Bible verses and songs. Mrs. Kelly is absolutely the best! She helped us get acclimated to the school and offered such good advice.
- Posted by
5  5/9/2013
I have had my children at West Valley Christian School since age 2 1/2. The preschool was AMAZING. The teachers and assistants were the most loving nurturing people. My kids came home singing a new song every day! The Elementary school is just as loving and wonderful. The Principal is friendly, inspiring and amazing in his motivation to provide a cutting edge school, while maintaining that small, intimate feel. I HIGHLY recommend this school!
- Posted by
5  1/31/2013
We Love WVCS... Our Son is going on his third year. He is currently in the Pre-K program. The teachers and the staff are so loving and caring. WVCS is more than just a school its a family. The children are academically challenged already learning how to spell in pre-k. Most important our son is learning about our Lord. They offer Extracurricular activities even for the preschool. Our little guy loves his soccer class. Its nice to see all the parents involved as well. The school is great about keeping the parents informed. When we moved to this area 3 years ago I prayed to find a good school for our son and we couldnt be more blessed. If you are looking for a loving and caring environment for your child to learn in then WVCS is the school. WE LOVE WVCS!!!!
- Posted by
5  12/11/2012
Love WVC school. First year (K) at the school and my son is learning in all areas. Communication with the school is very good. Their heart for God is evident. In all ways I am so happy my son is attending this scool.
- Posted by
5  12/11/2012
West Valley has very dedicated teachers and staff. The teachers care and love each and every child as their own. The Lord works within this school and biblical knowledge is taught within the classrooms. The sports and academics are wonderful!
- Posted by
5  10/27/2012
I attended West Valley Christian School and with the awesome staff I excelled when I reached College. I am so glad to be an alumni because what the school invested in me deserves 100% of the credit in my success in the next stage of my life. This school is a great investment for the future not only for the academics but the foundation in Christ that teaches kids valuable life lessons that even I still use daily.
- Posted by
5  6/1/2012
My son went to West Valley Christian for 13 years -K thru 12th Thanks -in a major way - to the inspiration and leadership of Dr Lozano- He will graduating next week with an Engineering degree and personal character and values that are priceless
- Posted by

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